Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket

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Filing out NCAA Tournament Brackets in March has become almost as popular as the office Super Bowl pool. NCAA Bracket contests may even be more popular than the Super Bowl these days. Unlike the Super Bowl, just about every geographical location in the United States is represented in the brackets. Everyone has a rooting Interest. Though picking your favorite team to go all the way in your bracket usually isn’t the smart thing to do.

There are many different ways to Scorean NCAA bracket contest, but the general idea is always the same. You simply pick all of the winners of the first round Games and move the winner you picked into the next round on your NCAA bracket sheet. Once you do that for all the first round Games, you will have your bracket match ups for the 2nd round. You repeat that procedure until your bracket is completely filled out and you have crowned a National Champion. Most NCAA bracket pools award points for every correct pick, with most of them awarding more points for each round. 2nd round winners are worth more than 1st round winners and so on.

There are many different strategies when competing in an NCAA Bracket contest. You do not have to be an NCAA basketball expert to win a bracket contest. Often times, the winner of the contest is a little old lady or not a sports fan, that closed their eyes and flipped a coin when they filled out their bracket. But knowledgeable fans often win as well. One strategy you can use is to use NCAA basketball power ratings when filling out your bracket. There are many on the net. Just do a search for NCAA basketball power ratings and you’ll find them in a jiffy.The ratings will tell you which teams are better than others, and by how many points they should win by. Use the ratings as a guide when filling out your bracket, but make sure you sway away from the ratings here and there and pick a few upsets. Plenty of underdogs win their Games, if you pick all the favorites, you won’t do all that well in your bracket. That’s one of the things that makes the NCAA Tournament so much fun. Upsets!!

If you would like a printable NCAA Tournament Bracket for 2008 we have includedone here for you to download.

Just click the link below to view the Bracket. You can save it to your pc and print it out.

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