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Most of the weeknight Games we’ve had this year have been Games that generated very little interest, perhaps with the exception of Clemson Wake Forest recently. But tonight’s tilt with BYU at TCU has to spark some interest even amongst casual fans. Especially those that like offense! Of course we can’t forget about defense either. Both of these teams getting it done there as well with BYU ranking 3rd nationally in points allowed while both teams are in the top 10 in turnover margin.

On the line, aside from the MWC standings, is a potential BCS bid. Many will be rooting for BYU to win here and stay undefeated the rest of the way to set up a HUGE Game with Utah to end the year on November 22nd. But that’s looking a tad too far ahead. Lot’s of football left to be played, and hey, BYU and Utah have to face TCU which brings us to tonight.

The logical lean here would be with BYU. Both of these squads have things they can brag about. TCU leads the country in sacks. Yet BYU has only given up 2 sacks all year. TCU has the 13th ranked rushing offense. But BYU is 3rd nationally in points allowed. BYU has a good record on Thursday Nights………TCU is 1-5 it’s last 6 on this night. With both teams performing well defensively the differeNCe may be the BYU offense which is averaging 38 points per Game and is the more stable of the two units with QB Max Hall behind center while TCU still hasn’t annouNCed a starter for this Game and is looking at a Game time decision on that.

The line opened up BYU -2.5 and now sits at TCU -2.  fairly hefty swing although we’re not crossing any key numbers here. We’re still basically looking at picking a straight up winner here to cash a ticket. We can understand the move. With so much on the line, there can be a natural, built in edge with the home team in a situation like this. The National Ranking. The MWC Conference standings. The National spotlight and playing at home before a rabid Thursday Night crowd pumped to be on television in prime time. All small edges which can come into play if the Game starts to go TCU’s way.

Our gut tells us BYU pulls this one out. Our heart tells us to root for TCU who, despite now being favored, is still the underdog here to us. Obviously we have no play on this Game tonight but it’s a Game well worth watching if you’re a college football fan.

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