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Picking a winner or two involves more than just x’s and o’s. There are many situations and angles one can look at in an attempt to GAin an edge. One such angle is to try and catch a good team looking ahead to a more important Game the following week. Many such Games occur each week in college football throughout the year. Two such Games this week involve The Tennessee Vols and Arizona State. Both playing inferior opponents and both big favorites. One other perk to this angle is that you’ll generally be going against the public. The public will never back a big dog. They’ll be all over the recognizable names like Tennessee and Arizona State. Most probably have never heard of UAB!

Pretty simple premise with not much to discuss in terms of stats since it is more of a scheduling angle more than anything…ASU has Georgia on deck and Tenny has Florida on-deck next week, Sept. 20th. They are playing weaker teams who should not even put up a fight against them, in UNLV and UAB. A perfect example of this angle is Ohio State looking ahead to their big Game vs. USC this week and letting Ohio hang around all Game with Ohio staying under the number 14-26 as 34 point dogs.

UNLV is actually 1-1 on the year and has a decent team that should be competitive in the Mountain West. they have 8 starters back on a team that hung with Wisconsin last year and actually beat Utah 27-0. They beat Utah State this year but lost to Utah last week. ASU has a huge Game with Georgia at tap next week. Even though they have beaten Northern Arizona and Stanford handily, I think the focus is on the Georgia Game and not on a sneaky, UNLV team. UNLV +23 over Arizona State. ASU 28, UNLV14.

Tennessee is looking ahead to a huge SEC match-up with Florida next week. Do you think they care if they beat up on poor, old UAB? NO. Are they going to do what they have to in order to win do but make sure nobody is injured and put in on cruise control after they are have the Game in hand? You bet. I know the Vols are off a loss at UCLA, but they have bigger fish to fry and UAB is just a small tune-up for the Gators next week. UAB has lost to Tulsa and Florida Atlantic so far this year and they are far from a good team, but in the right situation, such as this one where they are getting over 30 points, I think they are worth a look. Tennessee will beat them, but I think in the range of 21-26 points. UAB +30.5. Tennessee 35, UAB 10.






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