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2* 6.5 Point 2 team teaser Titans +8.5 and Giants +3.5 – We don’t play many teasers but there is a time and a place for them. That time, for us, is late in the season and during the playoffs. It’s a time of year where home field advantage is magnified and the cream rises to the top. Particularly in the playoffs where often times the lines are iNFLAted in favor of the home teams.

With that in mind we are going to back what have been the two best teams in the NFL for most of this year in the Titans and Giants and we’re goint to be taking points with both of them in Games they can both win straight up.

With both teams, we feel this weeks Games are pretty much both of their seasons. Without wins this week these two teams would likely end up in title Games on the road, which worked out for the G-men last year but it’s not something they’d like to repeat.

The Titans Steelers Game looks like a nail biter. No one is scoring on either of these teams. These are the two best defenses in the NFL. Both of these teams have held just about everyone they have faced to two touchdowns or less. They are #1 and #2 in points allowed and are the only two teams to allow less than 300 points on the year. The way both offenses have looked and the way both defenses have looked, points will be at a premium. The Steelers aren’t much of a threat to blow open a big lead unless the defense does it. While this is a huge Game for both teams, the Titans are the one that really need a good showing here in order to reGAin confideNCe for the playoffs. They are in off a loss to the Titans and a win over the Browns in which they didn’t play very well. A loss here, in Our opinion, would do the Titans in. We feel pretty comfortable getting +8.5

With the Giants, it’s a similar scenario. Sure, they are in no matter what, but a loss would really devastate this team. A loss would mean they would have lost 3 straight and 2 of those would have been at home. Not the way you want to enter the playoffs. No one has played a tougher Schedule than the Giants and they have still manages to come away with an 11-3 record. Yes, the Panthers are 11-3 but it’s a much different 11-3. Don’t get too impressed with their last Game. The Broncos aren’t very good folks. The Panthers most impressive win was the Monday Night Game against the Bucs and we give them credit for that. But the Giants will have Brandon Jacobs back and their backs will be up against the wall.

We’re playing the 6.5 point teaser so we can get that extra hook on the 3 with the Giants. We feel the Giants will win this one straight up in fairly impressive fashion. But just in case they get nipped by a last 2nd field goal will take the +3.5 as security.

We’re backing two of the best teams in football this year, at home, getting points, in Games we deem must wins if either is going to have any sucess in the playoffs this year.


2* 6.5 Point 2 team teaser Titans +8.5 and Giants +3.5



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