Fiesta Bowl

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Boise State vs TCU

Fiesta Bowl


3* Key Release

It’s not surprising that both TCU and Boise State find themselves in a BCS bowl Game after the season both teams had. The surprising part is that they are facing each other in this year’s Fiesta Bowl. I know both mid major teams would have preferred to of faced a team like Alabama or Ohio State, but they still have a lot to prove by winning a BCS Bowl Game. Both teams have been trying to earn respect for their programs, and a BCS bowl win would do just that. Many people think that TCU is the best team in the state of Texas, and that they should be the one to face the Alabama Crimson Tide and it’s not hard to see why some people feel that way.

TCU has dominated most of their opponents all season long, and the Horned Frogs finished the season 12-0. TCU had some close calls early in the year, but in their last 7 Games they have dominated whoever was in their path. In those final 7 Games TCU outscored their opponents 329-73, and unlike the TCU’s of the last few years they were more then just a strong defense they had the offense to go with it. There is not a hotter team in college football then the Horned Frogs, and if Boise State is going to have a chance in this Game they will have to play strong on both sides of the ball, but the Broncos know exactly what it takes to pull the upset in a BCS Bowl Game. In 2006 Boise State pulled a shocking 43-42 win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl in a Game that no one GAve them a shot in, so the Broncos are looking for the same result this Monday night in Tempe, AZ.


These TCU Horned Frogs have been known for their stout defense and the Boise State Broncos have been known for their powerful offense. The differeNCe in both of these teams is they are no longer strong on just one side of the ball they are a well rounded team on both offense and defense. The Horned Frogs offense is ranked 1st in the Mountain West in scoring offense and total offense averaging 41 points and 469 yards per Game, and the Broncos are currently ranked 1st in scoring and total defense in the WAC allowing 18 points and 299 yards per Game. This makes this Game extremely difficult to figure out, because neither team is weak in any way. This Game very well could come down to who is able to win the battle between Boise State’s offense led by QB Kellen Moore and TCU’s defense. Moore has thrown for over 3300 yards and 39 TD’s while TCU’s defense is currently ranked 1st in total and scoring defense allowing 12 points and 233 yards per Game. It is tough to figure out who has the edge in this matchup, but whoever wins this battle most likely wins this Game.


TCU is the better team here. Boise has the better offensive numbers with a blazing yards per point number of 10 offensively. TCU isn’t far behind with an 11.5. But where TCU really shines is with the defense. They have played some pretty good teams as well, in Utah and BYU and shut them both down, along with everyone else they have faced.

But these teams played in a bowl Game a year ago. TCU came from behind and won a 17-16 Game. That shows us that these two are on the same level. Yeah, it’s a year later, and yeah, both teams lost some players from a year ago, but the talent level is still on par. Both teams are very good, both teams are undefeated and both have a chip on their shoulder with plenty to prove. Under those circumstaNCes, we’ll side with the revenge angle here and gladly take a touchdown with an underdog that can certainly win this Game straight up. 3* Boise State +7 (released at +7.5)



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