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Miami Looking for Payback Over Oklahoma  – Sooners Favored by 7.5

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Miami has had the toughest Four Game Schedule to open the season that I can ever remember. They opened their year up with a win over rival Florida State in a classic that went down to the last play. Then they came back 10 days later on a Thursday and put it on Georgia Tech at home. They dominated that Game from start to finish, and people were starting to say that DA U was back. Then all of that came to an end this past Saturday in Blacksburg, Virginia. Virginia Tech dominated that Game much like Miami had dominated their Game the week before. Virginia Tech committed to stopping the run and they held the Hurricane rushing attack to 59 yards. QB Jacory Harris who had been so good in his first two Games struggled going 9/25 for 150 yards and 1 INT. Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes are looking to get back on track and prove to the country that DA U is back.

Oklahoma could not have started the season any worse. Not only did they drop their opening Game to BYU, but they lost their star QB Sam Bradford to a shoulder injury. The latest wire reports say Bradford won’t start this week and likely won’t play. We shall see. since their loss to BYU Oklahoma hasn’t given up a single point. They have beat Idaho State 64-0 and Tulsa 45-0. They are looking to prove to the country they are still Oklahoma and still deserve to be in the BCS title Game. A win against Miami would do just that.


Miami needs to get back to what they do best. Get the ball into the hands of their playmaker. Jacory Harris has got to have a big Game if the Hurricanes are going to get the victory. In Miami’s two wins everything went thru Jacory Harris. He was the leader and he was the one that got it done. against FSU he almost threw for 400 yards and 2 TDs and against Georgia Tech he went 20/25 for 270 yards and 3 TD’s. That is the kind of production Miami is going to need from Harris for them to win the Game. With this Oklahoma defense playing so well as of late Harris is going to need to be on his A Game to get the job done here. If his offensive line gives him the time he needs to go through his reads and make the right decisions then Miami will be very tough to beat.


Ever since Oklahoma’s opening loss to BYU this Sooner defense has been close to unstoppable. This season Oklahoma is giving up an astonishing 4.7 points per Game and is only allowing 223 yards of total offense. Both rank #1 in the Big 12. If Oklahoma wants to continue their jOurney to the BCS title Game they are going to need their defense to continue their dominant ways. If you stop Jacory Harris you stop Miami. Virginia Tech was able to do just that and they were able to completely dominate the Hurricanes. Oklahoma needs to get to Jacory Harris early and often and put him into bad situations and get him to make some mistakes. Oklahoma’s offense should be able to put up some points no matter who is the QB, but for Oklahoma to win this Game Oklahoma is going to have to stop Jacory Harris and this Hurricane offense.


The opening line on this Game was Oklahoma -6.5 and it was quickly bet up to -7 and continued to climb to -7.5 even -8 in one spot. The line on this Game and the reaction of the early bettors taking Oklahoma is a direct reflection of Miami’s last Game. It’s a case of what have you done for me lately. All the while, Oklahoma was scoring 64 and 48 points while pitching two shut outs. So, the natural perception among the public is, hey, Miami sucks and Oklahoma is the same team that played for a title a year ago.

What some bettors fail to realize here, is that Oklahoma beat two cupcakes, and LOST to BYU, who in turn was blown out by Florida State, who, oh yeah, Miami beat! What some bettors also fail to realize is that Miami has played one of the toughest Schedules in the entire country in the early going. They are battle tested. This tough early Schedule can only help the Hurricanes here. Oklahoma hasn’t broken a sweat since September 5th, almost a month ago.

Want more? 2007 wasn’t that long ago. In 2007, week 2 to be exact, Miami traveled to Oklahoma and was whipped 51-13. OUch. Total domination. Can you say revenge? At this time we prefer to judge Oklahoma based on their one real opponent, BYU. Likewise, we choose to judge Miami by their tough early season Schedule in which they are 2-1 against 3 top 20 opponents, scoring 38 on one and 33 on the other, with a bad Game against Va Tech thrown in. We’re going to take +7.5 with the Hurricanes and may even make a play on the money line for a straight up Miami win as well. Miami +7.5


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