Turkey Teaser

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Turkey Day Teaser

Our Annual Thanksgiving Day Teaser


It’s time for Our annual Turkey Day Teaser. Thanksgiving Day is one of the few times during the course of the year where we say it’s ok to let your guard down, ok to be a little bit of a degenerate and actually wager on, well, a suckers bet. Why? Simply because having a little wager on the Turkey Day Games is just as much a tradition as, well, the Turkey itself!

You know the deal. The bird goes into the oven in an attempt to time it so that it’s ready either in between the 1st and 2nd Game, or at halftime of one of the first two Games (preferably the 1st Game). Likewise with the desserts. Halftime of Game two! C’mon, I can’t be the only one!

The problem with the Thanksgiving Games is that we’re usually stuck with crummy matchups. I mean, heck, when the Lions are involved, how good can it be? Sure, we get the Cowboys, but rarely to we get a good opponent, and this year is no exception with the mighty Raiders coming to town. Recently, a 3rd Game was added, and at the beginning of the year this one looked like a beauty between the Giants and Broncos. Now, not so much, although still perhaps the best looking Game of the day.

So let’s get right to it. This is strictly for fun. Just for a peanut. Let’s see if we can get the first Game of the day nailed down as a winner so as not to spoil the other two legs (no pun intended) of Our 3 team 10 point teaser. Hold your breath because we’re going to take the Lions here. It’s important that the book you bet this at has +11 as a line here so you can take this up to +21.

The Packers have been no barGAin on the road. Matter of fact they have a horrendous defensive yards per point number of 12 in road Games this year. They have only won two Games by more than 21 this year, one against the Browns and one against these Lions. We don’t see a repeat performance here. Even the Bucs and Rams were able to put some points on the board against the Packers this year. Why not the Lions. So take the Lions +21 and hold your breath.

Game 2. We’re going to take the Cowboys -3.5. Still a little shaky because we’re dealing with the hook here which means a close Game decided by a field goal doesn’t get it done for us. But hey, this is a bouNCe back week for both teams. The Cowboys are not as bad as they looked last week, and the Raiders are not as good as they looked. The Raiders have lost 7 Games this year. All 7 of those Games were by more than 3.5 points. Likewise, the Cowboys have won 7 Games and all but one was by more than 3.5 points. Take the Cowboys -3.5.

Game 3. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’re stuffed with Turkey, Pumpkin Pie and all the trimmings, and now you have two options. You can sit back and root for your teaser to cash or you can play the other side and go for the middle here and attempt to really cash in. That choice it up to you. As for the Game, it’s an extremely interesting Game to handicap.

Both of these teams at one point this year were being called Super Bowl contenders. Heck, after 6 weeks of the season there weren’t too many people who weren’t saying the Broncos were the best team in the NFL. What happened since then? After a 6-0 start the Broncos have dropped 4 straight Games. They didn’t just lose. They were basically blown out in all 4 Games. Not even close. What happened???

It doesn’t get much better for the Giants. They started 5-0 and also dropped 4 straight before finally winning, barely, last week at home against the Falcons. Something has to give here folks. This is a Game where we have one team who’s offense has been pathetic in the Broncos, and another team who’s defense has been pathetic in the Giants.

What’s crazy about the Broncos is that they beat the Bengals, the Patriots, the Cowboys and Chargers early in the year. Those are quality wins. At some point, that team has to show up again. I mean, shutting down Tom Brady and the Pats? No one else has been able to do that. At the very least we think the Broncos don’t embarrass themselves this week. The likely outcome of a Game between two struggling teams is a close Game. With that in mind we’ll take the Broncos +17 here for the last leg of Our Turkey Day Teaser.

So here it is, a 3 team 10 point Turkey Day Teaser teaser :

Lions +21

Cowboys -3.5

Broncos +17

Good LUck and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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