BCS Odds

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2011-2012 BCS Championship Odds


Posted below are the odds to win the BCS National Championship. We’re coming up on June as this is being written, which means in just a little over a month, we’ll turn Our attention to the #1 betting sport in the world, Football. As of this writing, there may or may not be an NFL season. But one thing we know for sure, the college ranks will tee it up come September and we’ll be all over it here at Bettorsworld.

It’s always fun to look back at these odds oNCe all is said and done. We always suggest looking beyond he top favored teams when looking for teams to wager on as the favored teams seldom come through and there’s very little value in backing a team at 4/1 or 6/1 odds before the season even starts.

If however, you’ve dome your homework and have good reason to believe one of the lower priced teams has a legitimate shot, by all means, make the play. For example, had you pegged Auburn as a potential BCS winner last season, you would have been rewarded at a price of 40/1. Now that’s a nice Scorefolks! Even their opponent in the BCS title Game, Oregon, was listed at 20/1 before the season started. Had you backed Oregon, you could have set yourself up to hedge a little and could have guaranteed yourself a profit reGArdless of the outcome of the title Game.

Here are the current 2011-2012 BCS Championship odds courtesy of 5dimes.com, an A++ rated sportsbook here at Bettorsworld that is known for their reduced juice wagering options and wagering options in general, frequently posting more bet offers and prop bets than any other sportsbook in the world.


NCAA Football   2011-12 BCS National Championship
courtesy of 5dimes.com Oklahoma   +450 Alabama   +600 Oregon   +1000 Florida State   +1200 LSU   +1400 Boise State   +1700 Stanford   +1700 Florida   +1800 Ohio State   +1800 Nebraska   +3000 Texas   +3000 TCU   +3100 Oklahoma State   +3500 South Carolina   +3500 West Virginia   +3500 Notre Dame   +3600 Penn State   +4000 Wisconsin   +4000 Virginia Tech   +4300 Arkansas   +5500 Texas A&M   +5800 Georgia   +6000 Miami Florida   +6600 Michigan State   +6600 Mississippi State   +7000 Mississippi   +7500 Tennessee   +9000 Missouri   +9500 Iowa   +10000 Arizona State   +12500 Auburn   +13000 Cincinnati   +13000 Michigan   +13000 California   +13500 North Carolina   +13500 Clemson   +14000 Kansas State   +16000 Oregon State   +19000 Utah   +19000 BYU   +19500 Arizona   +20000 Georgia Tech   +20000 Pittsburgh   +20000 South Florida   +20000 Washington   +20000 Colorado   +20000 Boston College   +22000 UCLA   +22000 Maryland   +22500 Baylor   +22500 Central Florida   +22500 Texas Tech   +22500 Illinois   +22500 North Carolina State   +30000 Connecticut   +30000 Air Force   +30000 SMU   +30000 Northwestern   +30000 San Diego State   +30000 Navy   +30000 Hawaii   +30000 Houston   +30000 Kentucky   +30000 Louisville   +30000 Nevada   +30000 Southern Mississippi   +30000 Syracuse   +30000 Tulsa   +50000 Miami Ohio   +50000 Northern Illinois   +50000