Birdman Super Bowl Bet

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Will Birdman make his $5 Million Super Bowl wager at


Last Wednesday, hip-hop mogul Birdman boasted on Twitter that he planned on betting $5 Million on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Where he was going to place this bet was anyone’s guess.


Two days later annouNCed that they would ACCept Birdman’s wager. All Birdman had to do was sign-up for an ACCount at BetOnline and then post-up the funds in ACCordaNCe to the GAming laws in Panama City, Panama; where BetOnline is licensed and regulated.


Fast-forward Four days and Birdman has gone completely silent on making his record-setting bet at the fastest growing sportsbook in the US.


“We were really expecting to hear from Mr. Birdman,” stated Dave Mason from BetOnline. “He makes a habit of boasting about the seven-figure bets he places, but there is never any proof. We are giving him the opportunity to not only win about $4,545,545 if the Patriots cover the three points they are laying to the Giants, but he would also sileNCe all of his critics that claim he actually doesn’t place the huge bets.”


ONCe Birdman went into hiding over the weekend, the oddsmakers at BetOnline opened a prop on whether or not he’ll even place the wager at BetOnline.


“Monday morning we opened the ‘No he won’t bet $5 Million at BetOnline’ at -700. However, with still not even a chirp from Birdman, in addition to the  one-sided ‘No’ action, we were forced to move the ‘No’ to -1500. With every bet that comes in opposing Birdman, he loses more and more ‘street cred’. Obviously, he isn’t serious about getting-down on the Super Bowl.”


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