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So it all comes down to this. The Big 10 vs. the SEC. We all remember what happened a year ago, as these same Ohio State Buckeyes went up against SEC rep Florida in this very same title Game. The Buckeyes left with their tail between their legs after getting blown off the field in a laugher. This year, we suspect things may be a little different. How much different? Well, we think Ohio State carries Tressel off their field on their shoulders tonight, a National Champ.

No question the Big 10 is not as strong, team for team, as the SEC. It’s not just the league Schedule though. Ohio State has one too many cupcakes on their dance card. Youngstown, Akron, Kent…….C’mon now. This is the mighty Ohio State. Take a chance. Their early Schedule is almost like a boxer, a potential contender, padding their record with tomato cans early in their careers.

But to their credit, they did what they were supposed to do with inferior teams. They blew them off the field. Then, with the exception of Illinois, which was a let down spot for this team, they handled their Big 10 Schedule fairly easily as well. Teams like Mich St, Penn St, Wisconsin and Michigan. They held Michigan to 3 points at Michigan. The same Michigan team that ran up and down the field against Florida a week ago. So, perhaps this Ohio State team is for real.

LSU has some tougher teams on the Schedule, but this LSU team wasn’t exactly a team that went out and dominated. They look very beatable. They walked thru the early part of their Schedule with ease, including a blow out win over Virginia Tech, but then things got a little tricky. They got by Florida by 4. Lost to Kentucky. Beat Auburn by a TD. Beat Bama by a TD. Lost to Arkansas and then squeaked by the Vols in the SEC title Game (without Matt Flynn). Every Game we just mentioned was up for grabs at some point. Not only up for grabs, but teams can Scoreon this LSU defense. Arkansas scored 50. Kentucky 43. Bama 34. Florida, Auburn and Ole Miss 24. On the flip side, no one has been able to Score on Ohio State with the exception of the 28 points Illinois put up.

Look, we could put up a bunch of numbers here, as we usually do when we write up a Game, but the numbers are very good for both teams here. They both place as the best in the Nation or close to it many categories. The yards per point numbers we like to use, favor Ohio State. They have the highest defensive yards per point number in the country, as well they should with a total defense that ranks #1 in the land. Their offensive number isn’t as good as LSU’s but when looking at the entire season, their number on offense is just a point away from LSU”s.

Both teams are very good. No need to dig any further into the numbers. Our selection here is based more on simply watching both teams all year long. If you watch enough of two teams, you shouldn’t need stats to break a Game down. Ohio State has a little added motivation of having been embarrassed in this Game last year, though many of those key players from a year ago are gone. We simply feel this LSU team is beatable. All of their Games against good teams came down to the 4th quarter. For us, taking an underdog and having the chance to win a Game in the 4th quarter, straight up, is the foundation to Our entire approach. Get us to the 4th quarter, with a Game up for grabs, and we’re getting points, then we have done Our job handicapping, as we will win more of those Games than we will lose.

We see this Game up for grabs in the 4th quarter. No reason it shouldn’t be, based on 25 Games of evidence, played by both teams this year. This Game opened up at 6, so naturally, we wish we could have played this earlier. There are some +4’s still out there, so do your best to get the best number you can. We don’t think you’ll need the points, but it’s a nice cushion just in case.

5* Ohio State +4


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