Football Stat Packages – 2019-2020

Bettorsworld has added a powerful stats package to our 2019-2020 football offerings to go along with our Key Releases and our very well known score prediction program.

Below you will find explanations and examples.

The Stats Package will include:

NFL, NCAA Div 1 and Div 1AA (small colleges)


Score Predictions – all stats packages will include our score prediction model for both the NFL and NCAA football.

Example – First few week 1 College games


System Projections – This is yet another powerful algorithm/model that produces a projected margin as well as a predicted total. Very strong. Included with all stats packages.

Example 1: System Projections Week 1 College Football

Example 2: System Projections Week 1 Div 1AA Small College


Power Ratings – Power ratings for every NFL and NCAA team including small colleges are also included with the stats.


Game Data/Matchups – The game data capsules contain several other predictive tools. Those tools include head to head history, ATS records, similar game results and more for every NFL and NCAA football game (including small colleges)

Example 1: Buffalo at New York Jets Game Data Capsule

Example 2: Colorado vs. Colorado State Game Data Capsule


Strong Recommendations – The stat package will include strong recommendations based on the data for both the NFL and College football for both sides and totals.

These recommendations are not our Key Releases. They are recommendations based strictly on the data and the past performance of these models.