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Oddsjam Positive EV
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Below you’ll find a review of what we here at Bettorsworld feel is a set of tools that will be of great value to our visitors. We’re talking about Oddsjam. We’ve used their products over the past year and will pass along our thoughts below.

First, let’s be clear, the idea behind Oddsjam is nothing new. Sharp players have been employing the strategy since the inception of sportsbetting. That strategy, specifically, is exploiting market inefficiencies.

In the days before the internet sharp bettors had access to illegal bookmakers all over the country. They’d work the phones feverishly all day long getting run downs. They knew which bookmakers were “sharp”. They knew which bookmakers were favoring the local teams by shading their numbers. In a nutshell, they knew what the number SHOULD be and bet when they found numbers that didn’t line up with the rest of the market.

Up until the mid 90’s there were line services operating out of Las Vegas. All they did was give bettors (and bookmakers) across the country a live run down of the current Stardust line, considered one of the sharpest at the time. Bettors would then call their outs and bet any games where there was a significant difference!

Bet Like a Pro!

Many bettors today are aware of a bettor named “Spanky”. If you’re not familiar with him, do a google search or check him out on Twitter. Spanky credits a book written in the 90’s by Jack Moore for his success. In that book, Jack Moore talks about what he calls “the Blindfold Method”.

The Blindfold Method is simply betting off numbers. In simpleton terms, if every book you know of is dealing -4 on a college basketball game and you find a book dealing -3, you bet the -3. Congratulations! You just took advantage of a market inefficiency. If you’re able to do that thousands of times per year, you’ll show a profit.

That’s what Spanky (and many others) do, albeit on a very large scale. It’s not easy and takes a career of building contacts and securing outs.  That’s the beauty of Oddsjam. They have taken a tried and true winning strategy and automated it so that even a novice bettor can bet like a pro.

All you have to do with the Oddsjam software is sit at your computer or even use your phone and simply bet what the software tells you to bet. Not only will the software tell you what to bet, it will also tell you how much to bet using the Kelly Criterion based on your edge and bankroll.

Middles and Arbitrage Too!

Everything we have touched on to this point in this article deals with the Oddsjam Positive EV tool. The software scans hundreds of sportsbooks and finds market inefficiencies for you to bet on. But there are other great money making tools included with your Oddsjam subscription.

The software also has tools to find middles and arbitrage opportunities as well as tools to help you make the most out of your bonus offers from the various legal and offshore sportsbooks.

There’s also a built in bet tracker that will track all of your wagers and give you detailed reports showing you which books you’re profiting at and which sports as well.

Lastly, Oddsjam also offers a live oddscreen unlike any other on the market today. The screen not only has full game odds but also all of the various props offered. The live odds screen is a separate product with it’s own price. This review and summary is primarily geared towards their betting tools.

We could write a book about all of the ways to use Oddsjam, as you can tell by the length of this article already. But we’re obviously limited here.

We’ll Help if You Need It!

The folks at Oddsjam are more than happy to help you every step of the way, even to the point of a free phone call to get you used to using the software.

We’ll take it even one step further. Anyone who signs up and starts using Oddsjam via Bettorsworld can contact us anytime. We’ll pass along some tips and tricks that we have learned from using the software.

You WILL make a profit and you WILL be betting like a pro. We’ll let you know how to stay under the radar so you don’t get banned from the sportsbooks. Books don’t like winners!!  : )

We’d encourage you to visit the Oddsjam site and have a look around.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you sign up with Oddsjam and would like our help.


Check out Oddsjam Here!

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