Emmy Awards

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2006 58th Annual Emmy Awards

The great thing about betting on the Emmy awards is that literally EVERYONE is an expert in their own right! Just about all of us have Our favorite shows we like to watch on the tube and we all have Our opinions as to which ones are better than others. Now we can actually make a profit from sitting on the couch and watching television!

The following odds for the 58th annual Emmy awards are courtesy of Pinnacle Sports. To wager on the Emmy Awards click here!

Simple explanation of the odds. If for example, you wanted to wager on Steve Carrell for best actor, you would have to put up $171 to win $100. If on the other hand, you wagered on long shot Charlie Sheen, you would have to put up just $100 to win $1640!! Of course wagers of all sizes are accepted, from $5 right on up to $100,000.

Comedy Series: Best Actor
 Odds to win Best Actor in a Comedy Series

 Steve Carrell -171
Tony Shalhoub +539
Kevin James +1640
Larry David +531
Charlie Sheen +1640

Comedy Series: Best Actress
 Odds to win Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Stockard Channing +525
Lisa Kudrow +395
Julia Louise Dreyfus +515
Debra Messing +723
Jane Kaczmarek +140

Comedy Series: Best Comedy Series
 Odds to win the Best Comedy Series

 The Office +105
Arrested Development +272
Curb your Enthusiasm +765
Scrubs +694
2½ Men +1279

Drama Series: Best Actor
 Odds to win Best Actor in a Drama Series

Denis Leary -200
Keifer Sutherland +436
Peter Krause +1391
Christopher Meloni +953
Martin Sheen +1857

Drama Series: Best Actress
 Odds to win Best Actress in a Drama Series

Geena Davis +299
Frances Conroy +285
Kyra Sedgwick +278
Allison Janney +521
Mariska Hargitay +690

Drama Series: Best Drama Series
Grey’s Anatomy win Best Drama Series

 Yes -262
No +242

The above odds brought to you by Pinnacle Sports


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