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Michael Koniks book, How the World Best Sports Bettors beat the bookies out of Millions, is a must read for anyone interested in sportsbetting. It gives the reader a glimpse into the the world of big time sports betting, while also taking the reader back in time to the early days of the offshore sportsbook industry. The book covers a time period in which Las Vegas was still king, but the offshore books were starting to make their move.

In the book, Konik, a gambling writer, gets hooked up with a character the book calls “Big Daddy Matthews”. In this book, names have been changed. In fact, most of those in the know, in the betting business, know who Bid Daddy Matthews really is. The point being, while the name has been changed, this individual exists and still thrives to this day in the betting business.

What Konik hooked up with, is the remnants of the infamous “computer group”, who made millions during the 80’s using a computer algorithm to destroy college football.

The book takes you along for Koniks ride as he starts working for Matthews by coming to Vegas on football weekends acting as a square, getting put up in luxury suits with all expenses paid by the casinos, so that they will have a shot at his money. What the casinos don’t realize, is that Konik is acting as a beard for the infamous Matthews.

Eventually, the casinos start to catch on and it becomes more and more difficult for Konik to get down on Matthews Games in Vegas. But this happens at a time when it just so happens, the offshore industry is starting to explode. This opens even more doors for Konik, and Matthews, as they start to practice their trade offshore.

Some of the names of the offshore books have been changed, while others are the true names of the books. At any rate, Konik eventually runs into trouble getting bets down at the offshore books, but not before he reaches out to an MIT graduate friend of his, and develops his own computer program which he in turn uses to beat the books.

While the book falls short of telling the reader exactly “HOW” the group did it, (in other words, it doesn’t give you the algorithm), it’s certainly an interesting story and a good look into the world of big time sports betting.

Anyone with an interest in betting on sports will no doubt breeze through this 360 page hardcover book in a day or two. It’s a good read, and just in time for the sports bettor on your xmas list  : )

We give the book 4 stars out of a possible 5. A 5 would only be possible with a copy of the algorithm.

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