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One thing that has always bothered this writer about the US governments stance on online gambling, is why oh why oh why does Our government not start right here at home if they are so concerned about Our welfare? If gambling is so bad and evil, why oh why do they allow casinos with black jack tables, craps Games, slot MAChines, keno, and so on? Why do they allow us poor citizens to go to the race track and pluck down as much as we’d like on the winner of horse races? Why oh why do they allow us to walk into a 7-11 and buy as many lottery tickets as we wish?

What really bothers this writer about all of this, is that sports betting is the big target here. Sportsbetting, which gives the “gambler” a better chance to win than any of the above forms of gambling, with the exception of black jack played professionally by card counters. Heck, the theoretical edge against the player in sportsbetting is 4.5% compared to close to 20% at the race track. The way most people play casino Games like craps and black jack, the edge against them is close to 20% as well. And the lotteries, well, forget about it. The edge there is astronomical.

But I can’t remember the last time a bunch of stuffy suit politicians, who think they know what’s best for American citizens, brought up any potential bills on the banning of all forms of gambling in the United States. Why is that? Why is it perfectly ok for any average Joe to walk into a casino, a racetrack or a 7-11, and lose his life savings, yet making a wager on the outcome of the world cup or the Super Bowl is evil and criminal?

Consider this.

New Jersey’s 12 casinos combined bring in about $30 million a month — from slots, craps and roulette — in tax revenue for that state.

In Connecticut, which shares only in the slot MAChine profits, Foxwoods alone generates about $17 million a month in revenue for the state and Mohegan Sun generates another $19 million a month.

According to a Southern Standard article, the federal government is the biggest Powerball winner:

The nation’s biggest Powerball jackpot winner is the U.S. Treasury, according to figures compiled by the Iowa Lottery and the Multi-State Lottery Association, which operates the lottery Game

The federal government has netted at least $2.85 billion since the first jackpot was awarded in 1988.

Before any of the 302 grand prize winners could cash in tickets, which have totaled more than $7.1 billion, the federal government took its $1.9 billion off the top, according to lottery data.

The federal government also has collected $357 million in taxes withheld from winners of lower-tiered Powerball prizes totaling more than $1.3 billion, lottery officials said.


So please do not let anyone fool you into thinking that Our politicians and government are looking out for Our best interests. They could care less about what’s best for it’s citizens. This has everything to do with the almighty dollar.

Let’s put it another way.

Cracking down on internet gambling, whether it’s thru indictments such as the recent betonsports issue, or via passing legislation to make it illegal, is absolutely no different than a mafia or gang turf war. What happens when an independent bookmaker tries to open up shop in an organized crime territory? He’ll be forced to stop, or there will be consequences.

The government doesn’t like the fact that offshore gambling operations are moving in on their territory. The offshore operations are cutting into the profits of the state and federal run gambling operations. Thus, they must be stopped in order to protect federal and state gambling profits.

It’s as simple, and quite frankly sad, as that.

Remember prohibition? When you look back at prohibition, doesn’t the entire idea seem just silly? When you go out to dinner and glance around the restaurant at all the bottles of wine on the tables, and the people at the bar enjoying a cocktail, can you even fathom the idea that the government wanted to stop that??? Is that not outrageous? Is there any doubt that we will someday look back at all of this online gambling stuff and feel the same way?

Just like with prohibition, which helped create legendary gangsters like Al Capone, there are organized crime figures and other undesirables licking their chops at the thought of internet gambling being banned. Because if that happens, organized crime bookmaking and gambling will once again flOurish.

Imagine that. The gambling industry, which has profitable companies trading on public stock exchanges will be sent back in time to the dark alleys and the de’s and doe’s type characters if the US government has it’s way.

It’s unlikely to happen though. Sure, US citizens may be punished, banned from participating in an enjoyable recreational activity such as online gambling with the rest of the world. But it will only be temporary, if it happens at all. Just like prohibition.

Online gambling is here to stay. It may take time and I suppose landmark cases like the one currently going on with BETonSPORTS are actually necessary in order for us to make any progress and get to a point where someday, it’s a legal business, lining the pockets of the local and federal governments with tax dollars.

After all, that’s what it’s all about. Money. NOT your well being.



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