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The Sopranos: The Prophet takes a “whack” at Pinnacle’s “first to die” props

NOTE:  I had every intention of updating my previous article to give my analysis of Pinnacle’s “first to die” prop bets so that the Bettorsworld readership could take advantage of this information.  Unfortunately, after I released this play to my clients they bet it down so far and so fast that Pinny took the prop off the board.  I figured that I’d send this article along to be posted anyway just in case you can win a bar bet or something with this information.  For now, we’ll stick by Our position on Uncle Junior in the proposition. If you want to be the first to get the winning information next time, you need to become a Net Prophet Sports client!

WARNING:  As part of my analysis of Pinnacle’s prop bets on “The Sopranos” I’ll be discussing plot information from the upcoming season.  If you don’t want to know some of the bigger surprises in advance, don’t read any further. 

Pinnacle has posted lines on the first character to die on the upcoming season of “The Sopranos”.  They’ve got a larger list to choose from, so I wanted to write an addendum to my previous article to discuss the new wagering opportunities they present.  At this point, I’m still trying to piece together the identity of the first “casualty” from the plot information I do know.  I’m still working on tracking down a verified identity, and if I do come up with one I’ll send it out to my free play mailing list.  This is a great reason to sign up for the list, which you can do by sending me an email to: [email protected]

Time is of the essence here, since by all accounts there is at least one death in episode #1.  since its been widely reported that there’s a funeral in the season premier, that obviously necessitates a deceased.  I’m not sure whether the funeral is for the name I’ll reveal at the end of this article, or for FBI informant Raymond Curto who by all accounts will die–of natural causes, surprisingly enough–early in the episode.

More recent information suggests that a fairly high profile character is also killed in the season premier.  This is where the detective work comes into play, and I’ve tried to piece together some likely candidates by process of elimination.  Some of the plotlines for the season are already known, and if a character is central to one of them I’m assuming he/she won’t be killed before the plotline develops.  Additionally, HBO has released the plot descriptions for the first Four episodes and I’m using that as another sOurce of information.  If an episode synopsis says, for example, that “Christopher drives to meet a man about some stuff, then goes to pick up his dry cleaning while Tony waits at the Bada Bing”  I’m figuring that both Christopher and Tony need to be alive to make that plot work.  A third sOurce of information is columns written by TV critics and columnists who, at the moment, are the only people other than the cast to actually have seen the first Four episodes.  None of these columns are going to come out and say that “so and so gets killed in episode one” since they like their cushy jobs as TV writers.  Still, they provide us with additional information that we can use to piece together some cogent theories about who will–and won’t–be alive as the season progresses.

SPOILER ALERT:  I’m serious this time–I’m going to spoil the big surprise from episode #1 of season 6.  This isn’t speculation but hard information.  If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, stop reading now!

The big surprise ending of episode #1 is that Tony gets shot.  Don’t worry–he survives, but he takes a bullet in what I understand to be an accidental shooting.  Another plotline is that Eugene Pontecorvo wants “out of the family business” since he’s inherited a lot of money and wants to enjoy it. What’s also revealed is that he’s been an FBI informant.  I’ve even heard speculation that Eugene is the one that shoots the big guy.  I’ve also heard that Uncle Junior shoots Tony while suffering from an episode of dementia. Anyway, since I’ve ascertained that virtually everyone else is alive in subsequent episodes I’m going to call it as follows:

Eugene Pontecorvo to die first @ +799

I’m going to keep my ear to the ground over the next few days, and if I get any more information or more importantly a confirmation of Our soon to be “former friend” it’s going to be sent to my free play mailing list.  So do the right thing and sign up for the list as noted below.  You don’t want to be “out of the loop” do you?

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