Democratic Vice President Odds

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The 2008 Presidential election is rapidly approaching. Whether you’re a Democrat, or a Republican we all have one thing in common. We like to gamble. What better thing to gamble on than then who will be next leader of the free world?! We already know that Obama and McCain are going to be the Presidential candidates, however we don’t know who will be running with them. Let’s take a look at some of the candidates and odds for the Democratic Vice Presidential nod.

Hillary Clinton ( odds 3/2)- Love her of hate her, Hillary Clinton is the early favorite to become Senator Obama’s running mate. Prior to Obama’s historic victory, she was engaged in what was possibly the most heated race for the Democratic nomination in the party’s history. She would be a good choice due to her grassroots support. I also anticipate people associating her husbands term with “good times”, thus lifting her stock. She is my top choice from a wagering standpoint.

Jim Webb (odds 3-1)- Webb’s moderate political views combined with his military experience make him a good choice for Vice President. Webb served as the Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan so when the Obama campaign is criticized for their lack of foreign policy experience, Webb would be a nice asset.

Kathleen Sebelius (odds 4-1)- Sebelius is the current Governor of Kansas. She would spell double trouble for the GOP, because she is a Cincinnati, OH native and has strong ties in the swing state. Her father was the Governor of Ohio making her valuable in that state. Sebelius was elected in Kansas, which is a heavily Republican state. I don’t think Obama will select her, but the signs are there if he does.

Bill Richardson (odds 5-1)- This current Governor of New Mexico would provide Obama with massive support in the growing Latino population. Richardson has a long list of accomplishments. He served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations during the Clinton administration and was also the Secretary of Energy for Clinton. Richardson also served in the House of Representatives. He makes sense, so he is my second choice.

Wesley Clark (odds 6-1)- Clark is a retired General from the Army, Valedictorian of his class at West Point, and a Rhodes Scholar. Quite a list of accomplishments! Prior to endorsing Senator Clinton, Clark was mentioned among the top candidates for the presidential nomination. In the wake of Clinton’s defeat, Clark has voiced his support for Obama. Many believe he is on Obama’s shortlist. I could see this guy getting the nod.

John Edwards (odds 8-1)- How could anyone NOT like this guy? His natural charm, combined with his southern drawl would make him an attractive choice due to his ability to attract southern and female voters. He has stated he did not want the position, but has since recanted. If offered I am confident he would accept. He is good value at 8-1, and would be my third choice.


Tim Kaine -300

Joe Biden -300

Hillary Clinton +200

Jim Webb +250

Evan Bayh +400

Kathleen Sebelius +400

Wesley Clark +550

Bill Richardson +600

Mark Warner +700

Ted Strickland +800

John Edwards +1000

Al Gore +1000

Sam Nunn +1200

Brian Schweitzer +1500

Ron Paul +1500

Ed Rendell +1500

Phil Bredesen +2000

Michael Bloomberg +2000

Janet Napolitano +2000

Chuck Hagel +2500

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