Republican Vice President Odds

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**Note – Odds updated at bottom of page current as of 8/20/08


In this article we will take a look at the candidates and odds for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination. This side of the political spectrum provides greater value as their exists no real favorite. Mitt Romney at 3-1 odds is the lukewarm favorite. 3-1 isn’t too bad for a favorite! Tim Pawlenty is the second choice at 4-1 odds and Charlie Crist and Lindsey Graham are tied for the third choice at 9/2. Late contender Mike Huckabee has been tabbed at 5-1 odds. Not bad when the range for the 1-5 choices is only 2 points. Let’s take a closer look at the candidates and try to find a logical choice at a nice price.

Mitt Romney (3-1)- The former Massachusetts Governor is highly regarded for his economic experience, and in a time that is turbulent for the economy he would be a great asset. The fact that he was elected in a state that is widely regarded as a stronghold for the Democrats speaks volumes. Romney provides good value at 3-1. He is most likely going to be Senator McCain’s selection for the office of Vice President.

Tim Pawlenty (4-1)- Born in 1960 and currently 47 years old, Pawlenty would bring youth to a McCain ticket that is lacking in that category. Pawlenty is currently the Governor of Minnesota and has been a very vocal supporter of John McCain. He is currently a co chairman of the McCain campaign, and seems to want the nod. Keep your eyes open for Tim Pawlenty, as he could plenty to this campaign.

Lindsey Graham (9/2)- The senior Senator from South Carolina currently serves on the Armed Services committee. This is an area in which McCain is already strong. He doesn’t bring much to the campaign that McCain doesn’t already have. I don’t like this chances much at all.

Charlie Crist (9/2)- The current Governor of Florida has campaigned with Senator McCain and received praise from the Senator personally. Crist would strengthen McCain’s chances of winning the swing state of Florida. He agrees with McCain on many key issues. I could see Crist getting the nod.

Mike Huckabee (5-1)- You’ve got to admire the tenacity of this guy. Even after the election was all but over, he stuck it out. He went on to collect a few more states, but in the end could not come close to McCain. Huckabee is a darling of the religious right and has the conservatives love him. He would improve McCain’s chances by lifting his stock with sections of the party that might over wise refrain from voting.

Sarah Palin (5-1)- Palin became the first female Governor of Alaska along with the youngest in the states history at the age of 42. She has been heralded for her high approval ratings often in the 90s. Her extreme popularity would be a great asset to McCain due to the recent public discontent with President Bush. Don’t discount her due to her gender, this gal really has a chance.


 Mitt Romney +125

Tim Pawlenty +300

Sarah Palin +500

Charlie Crist +600

Mike Huckabee +600

Lindsay Graham +1000

Condoleeza Rice +1000

Chris Cox +1000

Mark Sanford +1200

Rob Portman +1500

Joe Lieberman +1500

Bobby Jindal +2000

John Kasich +2000

Haley BarbOur +2000

Rudolph Giuliani +2000

Tom Coburn +2500

Kay Bailey Hutchinson +2500

Bill Frist +3000

Fred Smith +3000

Chuck Hagel +4000

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