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2008 US OPEN


The US Open will take place this September and will present bettors with plenty of betting opportunities. The Open began in 1881 and is the oldest tennis Tournament in the world. It also holds the highest attendance of any annual sporting event. The Open is also the last event in the Grand Slam sequence. Whether your in love with Andy Roddick like many of the girls I know, or impressed by the massive skill possessed by Roger Federer, tennis is a great sport to wager on. It offers fair odds, along with many dark horse players. As a matter of fact, tennis betting is popular among many professional bettors. The Oddsmakers are apparently much further off with their tennis odds than the other major betting sports. Lets take a look at some of the best wagers on the Men’s US Open.

Roger Federer (6-5)– This guy is the Michael Jordan of his sport. He has been ranked #1 in the world for a record 232 consecutive weeks. That’s over 4 year! He has won over $41,000,000 in total prize money. He has won the US Open Four times, and reached the finals a record 10 consecutive times from 2005 to 2007. If anyone is going to take this event, they are going to have to pry it from Federer hands. This is his Tournament to lose.

Andy Roddick (20-1)– This guy was the #1 player in the world back in 2003. That seems like a long time ago, but at 25 Roddick still has a lot of skill. His lone win in the US Open came when he was on the top of the mountain back in 2003. He has the fastest recorded serve at 155 MPH, breaking his own speed record three times. That is simply amazing. If Roddick can pull one out of the hat, you will be making a nice profit at 20-1.

Rafael Nadal (2-1)– Hailing from Spain, Nadal has won 5 Grand Slam Singles titles. He has been the #2 player for quite a while. Nadal is well known for his rivalry with Federer. He has denied him a Grand Slam by winning the French Open in 2005-2008. He hasn’t traditionally been successful at the US Open only making it to the quarter finals. I don’t like Nadal’s chances at 2-1, but he certainly has the ability to get the job done.

Novak Djokovic (3-1)– This Serbian player reached the finals of the US Open in 2007. He is currently ranked third in the world. He won his first Grand Slam title in January of 2008 in the Australian Open. He beat Federer in the process. He is a young player on the rise, and he is more than capable of winning this thing. I like his chances at 3-1, but he is going to have to go through Federer yet again.

I have a question for all of you out there. What is better than watching brilliant players like Roger Federer, and Rafeal Nadal square off on the tennis cOurt? The answer is simple. Watching beautiful women like Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova give their all for their sport. I’ve got another question for you. What is the difference between Venus and Serena Williams? Only about $40,932. These girls are both brilliant players with career earnings just over $20,000,000. These girls are playing for big money, which is what you will be winning if you can figure out who will take this years US Open! Let’s take a look at the top contenders.

Maria Sharapova (5-2)– This Russian phenomenon is a former World #1, and is currently ranked #3. She is coached by her father and former player Michael Joyce. She defeated Serena Williams when she was just 17 years old to take the Wimbledon title. She has won the Australian Open this year, and won the US Open in 2006. She has been ranked in the top 10 longer than any other player. She is only getting better, and should be tough to take down in this years event.

Ana Ivanovo (13-4)
– This Serbian player is currently the #1 player in the world. She recently won her first Grand Slam singles title, taking the French Open. She was the runner up in the 2008 Australian Open. She is one of the most talented players in the Game, and offers fair odds. I couldn’t tell you not to bet this girl, she should be one of the top finishers.

Venus Williams (9-2)– She was the winner of the US Open in 2000, and again in 2001. She is currently ranked #7 in the world, but is a former #1. She also won the Olympic gold medal in 2000. Her recent success has been sparse, but she did capture the 2008 Wimbledon. I could see Venus winning this event for the third time, but I will look elsewhere.

Jelena Jankovic (10-1)– I really love the odds on this chick, as she is currently ranked #2 in the world. She has reached the semifinals of several events, but has yet to take down a singles title. She is gradually improving and is my choice to win this event. She is due for a breakthrough Tournament and offers the most rewarding odds. Give her a shot.

I think I will end up doing a parlay wager for both the Men’s and Women’s US Open. For the Men’s Open I will take Roger Federer, and for the Women’s Open I am going to stick with Jelena Jankovic. Whoever you end up going with, make sure to check back to for valuable wagering information. Good luck!

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