WNBA Betting Tips and Strategy

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Betting on the WNBA is at the bottom of the sportsbetting totem pole. Football is of course King, followed by Basketball and then baseball, with sports like NASCAR, Golf, Tennis and Hockey bringing up the rear. Last but not least, there’s the lowly WNBA. Virtually no betting interest among the public, which is all the more reason anyone reading this article should instantly become a HUGE WNBA fan.

There are many ways to get an edge over the bookmakers betting on the WNBA. Let’s start with something very simple that requires very little time. Following line moves. You see, the only folks betting on the WNBA are sharps. Unlike for example, the NBA finals currently taking place with the Lakers and the Magic in which there is tons of public action. There is no public action on the WNBA. Everyone is at the beach waiting for pre season NFL to start!

There are some sharp folks really doing their homework in the WNBA. They are light years ahead of the sportsbooks. When they bet, lines move. But unlike the major betting sports, the books simply don’t, or can’t, move their lines enough to compensate. Let’s take a look at yesterdays WNBA line moves. The NY Liberty moved from -3 to -4.5, a loser. But the total went from 150 to 147.5, a winner. So far we’re 1-1. The Washington Mystics moved from -3 to -6, a winner. The total went from 156 to 151, another winner. 3-1 so far. The Minnesota Lynx went from +8 to +6, another winner as they won straight up by 20. The total went from 148 to 154 in the same Game, another winner with 170 total points scored in the Game. 5-1 so far. The final Game of the day had no side movement, but the total moved from 141.5 to 138.5, a loser, for a 5-2 day following moves.

Following line moves in most sports is a losing strategy, but in a sport with so little betting interest like the WNBA, it can be profitable. Especially early in the year when the sharps know so much more than the oddsmakers. The books are spending their time on the NBA finals and MLB, and just about everything else they put a number on. At times, they don’t even pay attention to their WNBA lines. I watched two books not even bother to move their numbers when they were at least a point off the rest of the board. That never happens in the major sports.

The other way to get an edge is a little more time consuming, but can be equally as profitable. Simply become a big WNBA fan. Watch the Games, read about the Games, become an expert. One of the best ways to become a sharp yourself is to specialize in something. Specialize in college hoops totals. Specialize in halftime bets. Specialize in 1st quarter NFL bets. Or, in this case, specialize in the WNBA and become an expert. You’ll know more than the oddsmakers and will be able to spot mistakes on a daily basis.

The bottom line folks, is that as the lines become sharper as every year goes by in all the major sports, making them more and more difficult to beat, the sportsbooks continue to add to their inventory to keep things interesting. They are taking bets on everything under the sun these days, and it’s all these additions that give you, the bettor, an opportunity to profit. The WNBA is one such opportunity.

So Good Luck this summer as you set out to become a WNBA expert. If you should happen to attend a Connecticut Sun Game at the Mohegan Sun Casino, and you glance over and see some guy taking notes, come on over and say hello……..I’ll buy you a beer and share some tips!

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