Charlie Sheen Odds

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Well, it was only a matter of time. We knew one of the top sportsbooks would post Charlie Sheen Odds sooner or later. Sure enough, the first to step up to the plate is BetUS. BetUS is often first to post such props and they didn’t disappoint this time. We have listed all the Charlie Sheen Odds below. Everything from whether 2 and a half men will be back on the air to whether or not one of the “goddesses” gets pregnant this year.

Charlie, being a gambler, may actually be glad to book some of this action himself!

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When will Charlie Sheen get arrested next
1-3 months 6/5
4-6 months 9/5
7-8 months 3/2
9+ months 7/5

What will Charlie Sheen be arrested for next

Rape 2/1
Gun possession 5/1
Cocaine possession 3/1
Assault 8/1
Tax evasion 10/1
Public nudity 9/1
Public urination 15/1
Vandalism 7/1
Destroying a Hotel room 7/2

Odds that Two and a Half Men Returns
Yes 3/1

Odds on when Two and Half Men Returns
March – July 2011 3/2
August – October 2011 2/1
September – December 2011 7/2
January 2012 or later 9/5

Odds Charlie Sheen wins Time person of the year
Yes 200/1

Odds that Charlie Sheen gets a new TV Show
Yes 1/2

Odds that Charlie Sheen ever does another movie

Yes 1/3

Odds that one of Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends gets pregnant in ’11
Yes 2/1
No 1/3

What’s next for Charlie Sheen:
Runs for governor of California 50/1
Runs for president 300/1
Starts a porn company 20/1
Buys Playboy 10/1
Buys playboy mansion 15/1
Gets married 20/1
Enters rehab 4/1
Gets arrested 5/1
Adds another girlfriend to his “goddesses” 3/2
Goes on Dancing With the Stars 2/1
Wins an Emmy 12/1
Starts a cult 30/1
Wins an Oscar 25/1
Becomes a Viagra spokesman 10/1
Becomes a Trojan spokesman 20/1
Committed to a mental institution 25/1
Shaves his head 8/1

What will be Sheen’s next job:
Talk show host 5/1
Porn Star 8/1
Pimp 15/1
Celebrity chef 20/1
Rocket scientist 100/1
Farmer 80/1
Pilot 100/1
Author 4/1
Bartender 10/1
Taxi driver 50/1
Accountant 80/1
Drug dealer 200/1
Drug counselor 10/1
Lawyer 15/1


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