Nitrogen Sports

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Nitrogen Sports

Bitcoin Sportsbook



The online sportsbook industry has gone through many changes over the years since the early 90’s. Some good. Some bad. Perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen in recent years, is the acceptance of Bitcoin by online sportsbooks.

While several mainstream sportsbooks have recently started accepting Bitcoin, Nitrogen Sports is one of the first, if not THE first, to become a Bitcoin only sportsbook. They initially went online in 2012 as a traditional online sportsbook. During that first year, they started accepting Bitcoin which in turn, brought their business to the next level. So much so that they became Bitcoin excusive.

This has many benefits to the players. The biggest, is the safety of their funds. No longer is it necessary to keep a large balance at an online sportsbook and jump through hoops when you want a payout. With Nitrogen Sports, in just about the time it takes to tie your shoes, you can deposit just enough to cover the wagers you want to make AND make those wagers. Then, as soon as the Game ends, you can withdraw those funds. YOU control your money, not the sportsbook.

Other major benefits to the players are that with Bitcoin, there are virtually no transaction fees AND your account is opened anonymously. In fact, if you wanted to, you could use a different account with every wager you make!

The low risk involved and the fact that Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream combined to position Nitrogen Sports as a major player in the online sportsbook industry and one worth checking out and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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