MLB Betting Systems for Baseball Profits

MLB Profits

MLB betting systems are plentiful and some are even profitable. Why not, baseball is the oldest of all American sports and has the best kept records. Not much has really changed on the diamond over the last 100 years.

MLB betting systems are very popular with recreational baseball bettors. To properly handicap baseball requires a mountain of time. Time that most simply don’t have. They have jobs and families and can’t spend another 8 hours a day handicapping sports.

That’s where systems come in and there’s nothing wring with that. Systems allow a bettor to spend far less time isolating a few good plays.

Systems with Merit are Based on Common Sense

Some MLB betting systems are based on sound reasoning. Many, if used with some betting common sense, will at worst keep you in the game and with a little luck, may even make you a dollar or two.

Below I’ll list a few systems and go over their merits if there are any. The first baseball systems I’ll list come from the very first sports betting book I purchased back in 1985. The name of the book is Sports Betting, A Winners Handbook, by Jerry Patterson and John Painter.

My copy is torn in half and the pages are yellow. But hey, it’s really a great book and much of the information in it is still very relevant today. If you can get your hands on a copy, I’d highly recommend it.

MLB Systems from the Book

Bet against any team that scored more than 8 runs in it’s last game and won, providing their opponent scored less than 8 and providing they aren’t on a winning streak of 3 or more games.

I guess the theory with this system is that the team used up all their runs in it’s last game. Can’t say as though I like this one on any level.

Take the average runs scored over the last 3 games. If the underdog has a 2 run advantage over the favorite, you have a play.

This one has merit. It essentially puts you on an underdog that’s had some recent run production. While I wouldn’t blindly play it, I would incorporate it into my selection process.

After a good team wins 3 consecutive games, play them in their next 3 games if they are at home and the price is below -160

This one has disaster written all over it and should be avoided like the plague. The reason should be obvious. You will always be on the favorite. More than likely, since it’s a good team, at home on a winning  streak, you’ll also be laying a hefty price.

If you lay more than -130 on a baseball game with regularity, you will lose. Period. End of story.

Bet against a team that has 3 consecutive losses and is a road favorite in the 4th game.

Another one with merit. It puts you on a home underdog and you’d be betting against a team on a losing streak.

If the same two pitchers face each other again, bet on the loser of the first game.

Not bad. Kind of like revenge in football. If the price is right, which is not more than -130 and preferably an underdog, it’s worth a look.

This Last One May be the Best of the Bunch

Bet on any underdog that has won 7 or more of it’s last 11 games. Or, bet against any favorite that has lost 7 or more of it’s last 11.

This one has merit. It will obviously put you on either a hot underdog or against a cold favorite. You see the pattern here? The ones above that have the most merit are simply common sense wagers.

You absolutely must have a good mix of underdogs in your selections when you are betting on baseball. You won’t win long term otherwise. The MLB systems listed above that have the most merit do just that. Put you on quality dogs.

I wouldn’t advise blindly playing those. But if you’re a recreational player with very little extra time, figuring the plays of the above systems with merit should take only a few minutes of your time.

Incorporate those system plays with some common sense and you should be able to find a solid play or two every day.

One Last MLB Underdog Betting System

The last system I’ll leave you with is one that has been floating around the net for some years now. It was once a hot topic in forums and was popular to track.

I have no idea how it has done lately, or for that matter, overall. However, it does have merit for the same reasons mentioned above. It puts you on quality underdogs and baseball betting is all about betting underdogs. You won’t win long term without them!

1) Each day, check the American and National League schedules and automatically eliminate any games in which the moneyline odds on the underdogs are greater than +150 or so.

2) Of the games that remain, eliminate any games in which the underdogs have lost 3 or more games in a row or the favorites have won 3 or more games in a row. (This information is included in almost all newspapers’ daily MLB standings.)

3) Of the games that are left, eliminate any games in which the favored team’s pitcher is among the Top 20 of the AL or NL in ERA, or NPERA, as determined by Jeff Sagarin on USA Today’s Web site

4) On a day with a full slate of games, you should be left with 3 to 9 games to bet on between the AL and NL. Flat wager on the underdog in each game, shopping around at all your favorite bookmakers for the best possible money line odds.

5) Before making the next day’s bets, roll your profits into your Personal Betting Bankroll and increase your wagers accordingly, putting 1.25% of your Bankroll on each game.

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