Angels No Hitter

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I’d be the last person to complain about a “bad beat”. Generally speaking, those who can’t win long term, are quick to point out all of the Games where the ref blew a call, or the ball bounced the wrong way. Those very same types of bettors, will take all the credit and glory, for a win under similar circumstances. In other words, when they win, it’s their brilliance. When they lose, it’s someone else fault. But those that have been around, and understand the Game, don’t complain. They realize that these things equal out. In 25 years I’ve had some bad beats. But guess what? I’ve won PLENTY of Games I shouldn’t have because I was on the right side of a bad call, or a bad bounce.

Having said that, there’s no harm in talking about a Game that got away, and that’s exactly what happened yesterday. I released 4 plays yesterday going 2-2 and picking up a small profit, but it was the last Game of the day that was a killer. The Angels pitched a no hitter, but lost. Now that’s a 1st for me. Being on the right side of a no hitter and losing. The Dodgers became only the 5th team in Major League history to win a Game without a hit.

We thankfully wrap up Inter League play today. Can’t offer much in the way of free play write ups today however I do have a very rare 4% play going at 4pm est. It’s the strongest play I’ve seen in awhile.

So, without any free plays today, let me leave you with a helpful hint. Take a look at the MLB standings. Take a look at how teams have done over their last 10 Games. Over their last 15 – 20 Games. What you’ll fins, is a few hot teams and a few cold teams. With the rest, hovering around .500. Such as 4-6 over 10, or 5-5 over 10, etc.etc. You get the idea. My point is, this illustrates the value of underdogs in baseball. Remember, when you see a Game where one team is favored -150 or so, the oddsmakers have already factored in the obvious. Sure, the -150 fav has the better pitcher. Probably has the better team and probably is the hotter of the two. It’s all factored in. Give the oddsmakers a little credit. They can handicap the obvious. Betting that -150 fav will never make you money over the long run. On the flip side, you can almost blindly bet the dog here at +140, and do no worse than break even over a large number of Games.

Good Luck today!


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