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One of the most popular Baseball prop bets is who will hit the most regular season home runs. Betting on this prop is kind of like playing fantasy baseball. It will get you to tune in each day and root for your player to knock a few out of the park, while also rooting against everyone else on the prop bet list. So, yes, it can be fun. A blast actually. But it can also be profitable. So let’s take a look at a few of the contenders as of July 1st 2008.

The homerun is possibly one of the most exciting things in all of sports. I can remember watching Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire battling back in forth as they chased the single season home run record in 1999. As you probably remember, McGwire emerged the victor with 70 bombs that season. His record was short lived, as Barry Bonds would eclipse his record in 2001 with 73 homers. During the 2007 season Bonds would pass Hank Aaron for the all time homerun record. Bonds currently has 762 career homeruns. The odds of him leading the MLB in home runs are astronomical. However the co-league leader Dan Uggla has a logical chance of finishing in the season in first place. Here are some of the best plays for finishing the regular season with the most home runs!

You can wager on the most regular season home runs prop at Here is a look at some of the contenders along with their current posted odds direct from

Dan Uggla (3-1)– In just his third MLB season, Uggla is a virtual lock to join the All-Star team for a second time. Already with two grand slams this year, Uggla has youth on his side. He will only get better from here on out, and I can only speculate but he probably has a desire to keep swatting them. Marlins fans are going to love watching this guy bud into one of the greats.

Lance Berkman (4-1)– This Houston Astros phenom has been a consistent home run hitter for many years. After hitting 45 Homeruns in 2006, he cooled off just a bit with 34 in 2007. He looks back on track this season and is currently 2 homers behind the league leader. I expect Berkman to be right there when the smoke clears.

Adrian Gonzalez (4-1)– This San Diego Padres slugger has hit more every season since his rookie season in 2004. While Gonzalez is a budding hitter and a very nice player, I don’t see him coming out on top this year. I advise you to look elsewhere.

Chase Utley (5-1)– Utley is currently tied for the MLB lead in homeruns with Uggla, but as you can see is two points higher in odds. Utley is a pivotal player in the Philadelphia Phillies lineup. In a 20-3 blowout of the St. Louis Cardinals, Utley hit back-to-back home runs. Yea-this guy is for real.

Field (5-1)– With players like Pat Burrell and Josh Hamilton, this is a great alternative for someone who likes to have many players. You will also get Carlos Quentin. He is a third year player for the Chicago White Sox, and only 4 homers off the leader. Burrell and Hamilton are also 4 homeruns behind Uggla and Utley.

Adam Dunn (18-1)– Recently called out by Toronto Blue Jay’s general manager, JP Ricciardi for “not caring about the Game”. Well JP, Dunn is currently 3 homers behind the league leaders, and at BIG odds. Dunn hit 40 homeruns in each of his last 3 seasons is due to surge past that number. If you believe he will, you will be rewarded handsomely for supporting him.

While there are many good players to choose from, I advise you to select Adam Dunn. Not only is he ripe for the picking at odds of 18-1, but he is very close to the leader. He has also proved to be a very consistent homerun hitter. My second choice would be Lance Berkman who is also a consistent and proven commodity. Good luck, and remember to check back to for the latest wagering information.


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