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Take me out to the ball Game. This years MLB season is in full swing, and some great wagering opportunities have presented themselves on the futures markets. We haven’t even hit the All-Star break and futures odds have been served up for the World Series, ALCS, NLCS, and each respective division. The Boston Red Sox are the early favorite to win the World Series at odds of 5/2. The Chicago Cubs are the second choice and have been tabbed at 4-1. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders along with some legit long shot plays. Futures wagers can present some great value and hedging opportunities down the road.

Chicago Cubs- The Cubs offer very different odds for winning the NLCS and the World Series. While they are 7-5 to win the NLCS, you will get 4-1 if you are confident in their ability to win one more series. With players like Alfonso Soriano and Derek Lee in the lineup, Chicago has a great chance to see their team bring back the World Series trophy for the first time since 1908.

Boston Red Sox- The reigning champs are 5/2 to win their third World Series in five years. I however don’t like their odds much at all. Not only are the Red Sox currently in second place behind the Devil Rays, but that division is very tough altogether. While I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Red Sox made their way back to the World Series, I can’t like them at them at such a short price. At odds of 5-4 to win the ALCS, and 5/2 to win the World Series, I would stay away from this favorite.

New York Mets- I really like these guys at 15-1 to win the World Series. They have a star studded roster which include Johan Santana, David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran. The Mets also present good value at 5-1 to win the NLCS. New Yorkers really have something to cheer for here. When betting on futures, the ability to spot a good sized underdog with potential well in advance, is key. Let me remind you, the New York Giants were 15-1 to win the NFC at one point last season.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays- Who would’ve thought that this deep in the season the Devil Rays would be in front of the Red Sox for first place in their division? Certainly not I. If you like to play a team that is hot, then the Devil Rays are for you. At odds of 5-1 for the ALCS and 10-1 for the World Series they present some serious value.

Los Angeles Angels- Fans of this team have watched their team put together a record that would make their fictional parallels in the movie “Angels in the Outfield” blush. They already have a 4.5 Game lead over the A’s in their division, and with sluggers like Vladimir Guerrero they are headed in the right direction. At odds of 3-1 to win the ALCS and 6-1 to win the World Series there is no lack of value here.

New York Yankees- How the mighty have fallen. The Yankees who once had a vice like grip on their division season after season are now 5.5 Games behind the Devil Rays. America’s team wont give in without a fight though! With a roster that includes Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreau, the Yankees are ALWAYS a threat. Plus, you can count on the Yankees making a major move at some point in the near future. More than likely, a pitcher or two. They have been tabbed at 6-1 to win the ALCS, and 10-1 to win the World Series. I believe they would be a good bet.




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