Mets Choke

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By Chip Chirimbes


American League MVP- The vote is in and it was done before the Major League Playoffs begin. As a New Yorker, I might find it difficult to cast my opinion toward a player from the Boston Red Sox but, I don’t. Justin Pedoria has been the Most OUtstanding Player in the American League in 2008. I know that it is hard to get vote when you are not a power hitting player but Pedroia’s number warrant serious consideration. Here are some of his numbers for the season and baseball is so graded by numbers. Justin was 2nd in batting (.326), 1st in runs (118), 1st in hits (215), 1st in Doubles (54), he is the OUtstanding Player in the AL. The Most Valuable Player may be Joe Mauer of the Minnesota twins. He lead the AL in hitting (330) while handling the pitchers of the Twins. Justin Morneau who won the award two years ago has 120 RBI’s. My vote still has to go to Pedoria.

The New York Mutts choke again. I root for the Mets, I really do, as a matter fact I root for ALL New York teams except the football team that I refer to as the ‘Green Slime.’ Mostly I root against the New York Jets so that I can bust my good friend Rocco’s balls. Hey, what are friends for? After the 2007 collapse the New York Mets went out and signed the top free agent pitcher available in Johan Santana. This was actually was a great move as the Mets needed another his-spanic player to balance their roster. My point is this, (Oh, by the way they fired Willie Randolph, some say because he wasn’t his-spanic and could relate as a black manager to his LAtin players)

Aside from the fact that they tried to trade David Wright for then Florida Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera but the Marlins nixed that trade. Anyway, with a useless Pedro Martinez a starter that can’t go more then six innings is like pulling Tom Brady out of every football Game five minutes into the third quarter. The Mets needed relief pitching and using Pedro as their closer. This is NOT my beef. Eight times this year Santana was removed after the seventh inning with a lead where the Mets bullpen blew the decision for Johan and they lost seven of those Games. Tell me, why paid this guy all this money to save him for a post season that doesn’t exist. The topper is that manager Jerry Manuel pitches Santana on three days rest on the last Saturday of the season in a ‘must’ Game for the Mets. My thinking is if you let Santana pitch these nine innings during the season you wouldn’t have needed to pitch him on three days rest when it was too late. PS- Manuel also had Santana throw a complete Game in September with an 11-0 lead. Now let me understand this…take him out in a one run Game with no bullpen but let him finish when you have an 11 run lead. I see a new contract around the corner for Jerry.


Paul ‘Chip’ Chirimbes appeared ’live’ weekly for CNN/SI for six years over 300 appearances from 1995-2001 as Las Vegas’ expert voice for weekend events where he handled viewer questions and gave his analysis. He currently can be seen during the football season on Winning Edge which airs on Discovery Channel network during the NFL season. He appeared from September 1987- December 2006 on USA’s Proline. As one of the foremost experts in sports, Chip has been quoted in many national publications including the Wall Street JOurnal, New York Times, USA TODAY and countless others. Chip’s selections are available at the Free Sports Monitor!





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