NBA Score Predictions 2013

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Score Prediction

Listed below are Score Predictions for today’s NBA Games using Our NBA Score Prediction model. The predictions use data from the entire season to date as well as the last 7 Games only. It’s important to note that the Score Predictions do not take into account current injuries as well as motivational factors. This time of year, some teams have playoff spots secured while others are still fighting for a spot or better positioning, all of which can naturally impact the results.


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The first Scorebelow is using season to date data and the 2nd one is using the last 7 Games only.


Bulls 96-92, 97-99

Heat 106-98, 100-92

Knicks 106-95, 112-91

Nets 97-90, 102-96

Pistons 97-94, 103-95

Grizzlies 96-95, 91-88

TWolves 100-99, 99-110

Thunder 116-100, 121-100

Nuggets 109-104, 120-95

Rocketd 110-103, 113-114

Spurs 105-103, 101-104