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2007 WILDCARD Game


Dallas at Seattle – A match up between two teams that lost 3 of their last 4 Games and quite frankly don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. At least Seattle won their last Game. A Game which they didn’t have to win yet Coach Holmgren stuck his neck out and promised they would in order to build momentum for the playoffs. The Cowboys on the other hand, simply needed to beat the worst team in the NFL, the Lions, a team that actually would have benefited more by LOSING the Game, and they couldn’t get it done.

One of the golden rules of sports betting is to never ask a bad team to win for you. Think about it. You’re taking your hard earned money, and trusting a group of players with it. Asking them to go out and earn you more money, by playing well and winning or covering the spread. Do you trust EITHER of these teams? Remember, just because the Game is on TV, and it’s the playoffs, doesn’t mean you HAVE to bet it. But some will anyways. So, we’ll make an attempt to muster up an educated guess on this one, which won’t be easy as there’s really nothing we can sink Our teeth into edge wise here.

The obvious play here, would be to go with the Seahawks. They are the defending NFC champs, playing at home, in one of the loudest NFL stadiums against a rookie quarterback who is struggling. They have the playoff experience, and certainly are not lacking in the coaching department.

But the NFC is hardly “obvious” this year. It’s up one week, down the next for these teams with really no one stepping up as the dominant team. Literally any team that can get hot right now, and get on a little run, can make it to the Super Bowl. You can’t say that about the AFC.

Romo should be able to find T.O. or Terry Glenn as they work their way thru the Seahawks banged up secondary. The Cowboys actually have played better on the road, going 5-3, than at home!

Folks, this is just a very weak opinion. But hey, no one else seems to want it, so why not the Cowboys. We’ll take a shot here with Our opinion, on the Cowboys getting a field goal, in a Game in which they can certainly win straight up……..but, only if you have to as there figures to be much better betting opportunities than this Game, in the NFL playoffs.

Take this as a consolation as well. Pinnacles Sharps are playing Dallas………this is from this weeks “Pinnacle Pulse” which can be accessed from Our home page………The Cowboys opened at +3 (-114). The public leaned on Seattle by a ratio of 3-to-2, due at least in part to Dallas’s recent humiliation at the hands of the hapless Lions. Meanwhile, the sharps clearly favor Dallas and have been taking the points……

So there you go!

Our Pick – Cowboys +3 -115  – 1* Opinion

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