Reggie Bush Saints

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Reggie Bush Injury Impacts Saints Futures Betting

Bush Misses 3 Days of Practice

So you think the New Orleans Saints and Reggie Bush are ready to make their move? You think they are a prime candidate for a nice NFL Futures wager at odds of 20-1 to win the Super Bowl? Or perhaps a wager on the Saints to win the NFC at odds of 10/1? Many bettors apparently like that offer as the Saints were recently 12/1 to win the NFC. We have two words of advice before taking the plunge. Be Careful.

Reggie Bush was held out of practice for the 3rd time on August 4th. Not a great sign considering that training camp opened just 4 days ago. Coach Peyton has said Reggie Bush had some mild swelling in his knee, but his decision to hold Bush out was just a precaution. The Times-Picayune reported that Reggie Bush was held out of practice again Monday morning as his surgically-repaired left knee became iNFLAmed. Reggie Bush and coach Peyton both said they weren’t worried and that it should keep Bush off the field for just a couple of practices.

But can we read more into it? Is this more of what’s likely to come as the season nears and gets underway? In another article Jeff DuNCan of The Times-Picayune had this to say : “The best player on the field – other than Drew Brees – so far in training camp might be Reggie Bush. The Fourth-year running back has shown no ill effects from offseason knee surgery and has looked as fluid, fast and elusive as ever. There was some coNCern about how the procedure would affect Bush’s cutting ability but he’s been breaking the ankles of Saints defenders since the first snap.”

Hmmm. So one day he’s breaking the ankles of defenders and the next day he’s held out of practice. Or, translated another way, when Reggie Bush exerts himself and tries to go all out, his surgically repaired knee swells making him ineffective.

Certainly you can look at it any way you choose. After all, this is the NFL and players do get injured and play through their pain. But if you’re risking your hard earned dollars betting on the New Orleans Saints success this season, you need to be very aware of Reggie Bush and his knee. Not to mention all the press clippings he’s ACCumulating as a result of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Heck, who could coNCentrate on football!

After six Games last season, Reggie Bush had rushed for 294 yards and two touchdowns, caught 41 passes with three going for touchdowns and had three punt returns for touchdowns. He was on his way to finally living up to all the hype and then wham! There goes the knee. Will Reggie make it all the way back this year and pick up where he left off? Or will this be the beginning of the end? Some players are never the same after an injury like this.

Time will tell. In the meantime, you may want to keep your money in your pocket, or perhaps you should consider other teams for your NFL Futures wagers. LAck of production and playing time from a player like Reggie Bush can have a drastic impact on a team and their odds of success.


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