Colts Texans Week 6

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Week 6

NFL Pick


The Houston Texans are coming off a man handling loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings punished the Texans’ offense with their season long stellar defense. It was as if the Vikings’ defense puNChed the Texans’ offense in the mouth, but instead of ending the fight there, they puNChed them again and again and again until the Texans pretty much quit.

Thankfully for the Texans, they will not be facing that type of defense in the Colts’ defense. Look for LAmar Miller to reGAin some of his traction and the Texans pair of talented receivers to run buck wild on the Colts excuse for a defense.

Brock Osweiler has not lived up to his contract thus far, which just about everyone outside of the Texans’ orGAnization thought would be the case. However, the guy has arm talent and plenty of talent around him so he should reGAin some confideNCe against the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts are now 2 and 3 and TY Hilton is a target and yardage MAChine this year.  He and Andrew LUck helped save the Colts from losing to Da Bears late in the 4th quarter. Hilton turned in a 10-catch and 171-yard performance with what would eventually be the Game winning touchdown as well. It’s hard to ask more from a wide receiver.

The Colts play in the worst division in the NFL and have been fortunate enough to play in that division which helps their playoff chances each year. The AFC South is a joke. A joke with rising talent because of high draft picks, but non-the-less still a joke.

Andrew LUck has not had the stellar season that many predicted him to have so far, but with a few more wins and potentially a playoff spot, the rough start to the season could be forgotten.

Frank Gore is still turning back father time and churning out yards on the ground. It isn’t flashy, but it is effective. The Colts’ defense still can’t stop a nose bleed, but when was the last time that they could? Good question!

If the Texans want to win they are going to need to establish some type of pass rush. Andrew LUck has been hit a lot in his career and he will need to get hit more in this Game if the Texans want to win without JJ Watt. I see this Game being a high scoring affair with Andrew LUck finding some type of way to pull out a victory in the end. The winner of this Game will most likely be the winner of the AFC South when the season is over. I’m taking the upset with the Colts winning straight up thus covering the spread. Colts +3

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