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5Dimes Sportsbook Review – Reduced Juice Wagering

5Dimes Sportsbook Review

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Birth Year & Location2000, Costa Rica
New Player Bonus50% up to $200 then 20% up to $2k with maximum bonus of $520
Funding MethodsCredit Card, Person to Person, Cashier Check, Money Order, Bitcoin, Bank Wire (payout only), Sportsbook Transfer, Account to Account Transfer
Known ForReduced juice (-105 lines are tremendous value)
Reputation5Dimes is known industry wide as one of the best sportsbook/racebook/casinos on the internet.
Contact1-800-430-5896 | [email protected] | Live Chat available on site

5Dimes was founded by a former Bettorsworld.com forum poster, a very sharp bettor who went by the name”Tony” back in 2000 making it one of the oldest sportsbooks on the internet.

In its infancy, 5Dimes was known for a wide ranging and varied wagering menu that featured lines on obscure events such small college Games no other sportsbooks would touch.

As time went on, 5Dimes continued their role as an innovative sportsbook on the World Wide Web by offering reduced juice odds. Most readers probably understand what that means, but allow us to explain for the layman.

5 Dimes Well Known for Reduced Juice

5 dimes reduced juice betting

“Juice” or vigorish, sometimes simply called “vig”, is the price charged by the sportsbook for taking your wager. In most instances you have to bet $110 to win $100. That $10 is their fee.

Well, 5Dimes cuts that in half by offering -105 lines. Inevitably, all sports bettors will lose some of their bets and playing -105 lines instead of -110 means a reduction in losses and who doesn’t want that?!

5Dimes offers varied deposit and withdrawal options, live customer support and highly competitive odds and a nearly 20 year track record of integrity and success. Let us be clear. They are NOT a fly by night operation and you are SAFE betting your money with 5Dimes.

5dimes reward special

Futures and Props Galore

5 Dimes sportsbook really separates itself from the pack with the sheer number of futures and prop bets they offer.

There is really no limit to what can be wagered on these days. Odds can be placed on just about any event, be it a reality TV show or a presidential election.

5 Dimes fills that void by doing just that, placing odds on just about everything you can imagine.

betting odds for hot dog eating contestIt’s our opinion that there is no better sportsbook to bet with. It’s a flat out guarantee that any sports bettor that is playing with multiple sports books is using 5 dimes.

However if you’re a bettor who intends on using only one sportsbook, you’d be foolish not to make 5 dimes that book. Their odds and bet offers, particularly their reduced juice, will give you the best chance to win in the long run.

reduced juice lines at 5dimes

reduced juice lines pt 2

Good luck and check the Bettorsworld homepage regularly for the latest industry news, sports analysis and picks.

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