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Jazz Sportsbook Review

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Birth Year & Location1994 & Costa Rica
New Player Bonus50% Sign Up Bonus
Funding MethodsCredit Card, Bitcoin, ACH, Person-to-Person, Phone Transfer, Bank Wire, Skrill, Ria
Known ForLongevity! High Limits
Reputation25+ years in operation says it all
Contact1-888-632-8890 [email protected]

Writing this review is like taking a walk down memory lane. You see, Jazz Sports and Bettorsworld have a lot in common. We both opened our doors in 1994!

Back then, we took a few trips to Costa Rica to check out the sportsbooks that reside there live and in person. Jazz was one of our stops and we proudly counted them among our top listed sportsbooks.

jazz sportsbook screenshot

As this industry has gone through it’s changes over the years, Jazz kind of took on a low profile. Low profile in that, you didn’t see them advertising on many gaming sites. They obviously continued to operate successfully.

Fast forward to 2019 and Jazz Sports is once again picking up steam in terms of it’s online visibility. We are glad to have them back!

Live Games with Jazz

Jazz is the only sportsbook that streams LIVE games for it’s customers. Don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket? No problem, jazz has you covered! Simply open an account log in and view tons of LIVE games!

jazz sportsbook signup bonus

Jazz Sportsbook is also bitcoin friendly for you those of you that prefer crypto and they recently raised their BTC limits.

Good Sportsbooks write their own reviews. What we mean by that is simply that, when a sportsbook is still operating successfully after 25 years, they are doing something right.

Jazz should be strongly considered for your sportsbook portfolio.

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