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World Cup Arbitage

Risk Free Profits


It goes by many names. Arbitrage and SCalping are the two most well known names. Both are terms for “risk free” money making opportunities in sportsbetting. These opportunities exist in all sports, but are often very difficult and time consuming to find in the more popular American betting sports like baseball, football and basketball. Oh, they exist, but you have to be quick on your feet, or, I guess, quick with your hands in this case, to take advantage.

But that’s not the case with sports that certain sportsbooks aren’t used to booking. Specifically, World Cup soccer.

Soccer is the most widely wagered on sport in the world. It’s only here in the USA that’s it’s not the most popular sport. That being the case, combined with the fact that there are sportsbooks taking soccer wagers in every corner of the globe, means there are countless arbitrage opportunities.

In fact, if you’re a citizen of just about any other country in the world that has no online betting restrictions, there’s absolutely no excuse for not making a profit during the World Cup. It’s not that USA citizens can’t profit as well. You can. But those of you in Europe for example, can still sign up with US facing sportsbooks without a problem, whereas US citizens can no longer wager with companies like William Hill and LAdbrokes. It’s all a numbers Game. The more sportsbooks you have access to, the more opportunities you have.

But the opportunities are there for everyone, especially with all the prop bets being offered on each and every world cup match. Some sportsbooks simply don’t pay attention. Over the last couple of days we spotted several arbitrage opportunities without even trying. For example there is a prop on every World Cup Game on whether or not both teams will Scorein a match. One popular sportsbook has NO at -175 while several other sportsbooks had the YES at +225.

In that case, you wager 175 to win 100 on the NO and 100 to win 225 on the YES. If both teams Scoreyou pick up 50 bucks. If YES comes in, you lose nothing. That’s the easy way to do it. You can also divide your wager so that you make a profit regardless of the result. Either way, anytime you can make a potential profit without any risk, that’s a sweet deal and one that ALL successful sports bettors take advantage of.

The only risk to the player is finding safe sportsbooks to play with. Bettorsworld has been keeping a watch on this industry since the industry began 15 years ago. Check out Our Cream of the Crop list of Top Rated Sportsbooks before signing up with any sportsbook.

Good LUck and Happy World Cup SCalping!

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