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Brazil vs. Portugal

World Cup Prediction and Analysis


Every sport has its heavyweights and when they meet up sparks are assured to fly. In football, great Games are guaranteed when the Patriots and Colts meet up. We can always expect excitement from the Celtics vs. Lakers in basketball. Red Sox vs. Yankees baseball Games are among the best. Expect nothing less in soccer when Portugal meets up with Brazil. Both teams are loaded with absurd amounts of talent and both teams have yet to register a loss in the World Cup. Only one can win the Game, or perhaps a tie will be in store. Regardless, both sides are preparing for battle.

The Brazilian soccer team was last seen thrashing Ivory Coast by a 3-1 score. The match was riddled with yellow cards, and star midfielder Kaka received a red card. That means he was immediately removed from the Game and Brazil had to play “man down” and were not allowed to send in a replacement. This didn’t hurt them much because they had a huge class advantage over Ivory Coast. However, it could hurt against Portugal who is a much fiercer opponent. Kaka is a top notch player and not having him in the Game is bad for Brazil any way that you slice it. The matchup between Kaka and Christian Ronaldo was much anticipated.

Kaka sitting out could work to Brazil’s advantage in the future. They sit atop Group G and are already granted entrance to the next stage of the World Cup. Kaka won’t be out there risking injury and he will be saving up energy for future matches. Brazil has a very good Forward in LUis Fabiano. He has scored 2 goals on 3 shots so far in the World Cup. Fabiano is a deadly force if he can make his way into the box. Look for him to be putting up points on Portugal

Portugal has done well in the World Cup thus far. They started off with a tie against Ivory Coast, and then they delivered a crushing blow to North Korea, winning 7-0. That is kind of like winning an American football Game 63-0. It was an enormous blowout. Punters did well as Portugal was able to be had at odds of around -300. They are currently in second place of Group G with 4 points behind Brazil who has 6. Portugal isn’t guaranteed to advance, so they will need to at the very least tie the Brazilians to ensure that their World Cup hopes will stay alive. They will come into the Game with plenty of confidence after pOuring it on against North Korea.

The Portugal team has a secret weapon; Captain Christiano Ronaldo. The forward is the highest paid footballer in the world and plays for Real Madrid when not guiding Portugal in the World Cup. He has scored one goal so far and he will have blood in his eyes trying to help his team advance against Brazil. Look for him to play his very best soccer! Ronaldo is widely considered the best player in the world and his salary signifies that. Portugal also has a great midfielder named Tiago. He has 3 assists and 2 goals so far in the World Cup. This team is loaded with talent.

Good odds are able to be had for either side of this matchup. Portugal is at +260 and Brazil is listed at +120 at You can bet that the Game will tie at odds of +185. Strong arguments can be made for either side. We will go with Portugal who possesses the hot hand and the best player in the world, Ronaldo.

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