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England vs USA

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The wait is finally over. The World Cup begins today, and tomorrow brings what will likely be the biggest Game of the entire Tournament from a Team USA perspective as they take on England. The Game is extremely important to both teams as it figures to be the only Game either will lose. Both are expected to be able to handle the other two teams in Group C, Algeria and Slovenia.

As with any sport we handicap and bet on, you’re looking for an edge and looking to make smart plays. You don’t bet just because it’s team USA and just because the Game is on TV. That being said, we will make a case for the USA team in this Game for those of you that just can’t help yourselves : )

This is NOT a Key Release. Check in daily for Our official World Cup plays.

With that in mind, it’s not as if the USA as a selection in this Game wasn’t on Our radar at all. They were. There is plenty to like about this team and their chances against England. As long as you first understand what they are up against, which is, a major world power in soccer, England.

But upsets in big events like this happen all the time. March Madness, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, The NBA playoffs, and on the gridiron week in and week out. Upsets also happen in International events such as the Olympics and yes, upsets happen every 4 years when they play the World Cup. That’s what makes sports great.

So, if you’re looking for reasons to back the USA, why not start with current form? England isn’t exactly on fire. In fact, they come into this Game after losing one of their star players, Ferdinand, not to mention the huge disappointment in David Beckham not being able to play. Add in the incident in which John Terry had an affair with teammate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, causing Wayne Bridge to leave the team and you have a team that is not exactly in harmony. Add in the pressure on the English team, which is immense and you have something you can bite into if you’re looking for weaknesses to exploit from a betting perspective.

The USA team is plenty capable. USA soccer has made great strides over the last decade. Last year, in South Africa the USA team almost won the Confederations Cup. They beat Spain and had Brazil on the ropes, ahead by 2 goals only to see Brazil fight back and take a 3-2 decision. Brazil and Spain are the two favorites to win the Word Cup folks. The USA team proved it can play at that level. While a win over England, the 4th choice as far as the odds go to win it all, would be a huge upset, but not as big of an upset as it would have been a decade ago, or even 4 years ago.

Lastly, the juicy odds. That’s what makes the USA an attractive potential play here and the reason we almost pulled the trigger and made them a Key Release. If you chose the wager that includes the draw, you can get 6/1 odds on the USA to beat England at most of the highest rated sportsbooks.

As tempting as those odds are, if we were to play it we would take +1 with the USA team at a price of -105 for most of Our wager with a smaller amount on the straight up win a 6/1 odds.

We like Our chances getting +1. We think it will be a tight Game. Lot’s of nerves, lot’s of pressure. The likeliest outcomes in Our opinion are a draw or a 1 goal England win. Remember, this is not an official selections. Just a fun bet that we may put a peanut on. For Our official selections, check in daily.

80% on the USA +1 -105 and 20% on the USA to win outright at +600