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USA vs. England

World Cup 2010 – England Heavily Favored


Team USA will open up World Cup play on Saturday June 12, 230 pm est. against England. England is favored to win group C with odds of -300 or 1/3 with Team USA the 2nd choice in group C at odds of +400 or 4/1. Slovenia and Algeria are the other two group C teams with long shot odds of 10/1 and 16/1. Those odds are from the worlds largest sportsbook, 5dimes.com

To better illustrate what Team USA is up against when they face England, the odds for that Game are as follows. England is -240 while Team USA is +600. A draw is +290. Now, it’s important to understand that this is 3 way betting. If you back England, or the USA, and the Game ends in a draw, you lose. The draw is a separate wager. It’s also important to understand that all of these wagers are graded after 90 minutes of regulation play. You can also lay 1 goal with England at a price of -140 or take +1 goal with USA and get a price of +117. The total, or over/under is 2.5 goals.

To further drive home just how big of an underdog the USA is, England is one of the favorites to win the World Cup with odds of around 7/1 at most sportsbooks which places them in the top 3 or 4 or all teams. The USA has odds of 80/1 to win the Cup. Quite a difference between the two teams eh?

The USA has faced England on 9 prior occasions with England holding a 7-2 record against them. They most recently faced each other in 2008 with England coming away with a 2-0 win. The Game most Americans would prefer to remember happened some 60 years ago when the USA defeated England in the World Cup in 1950.

For those looking for more of a reason than Patriotism to back the USA, consider that the USA advanced to the finals of the Confederations Cup last Summer only to lose to Brazil 3-2. The Confederations Cup is considered a dress rehearsal for the World Cup and is held in the hosting country the year before the World Cup.

The USA vs. England rivalry can already be seen on message boards across the internet as fans/citizens of both countries take friendly, and not so friendly shots at each other. Here is a sampling:

dreamers, dreamers, US.. will not win the world cup, why are you guys trying to fool yourselves, they are coming home with souvenirs yes, like good luck monkeys eyes, or elephant teeths. but no cup. my dears no fairy tale here ENGLAND will beat U.S.


oh my @#$% you Americans are deluded fools arent you? you say it shouldnt be a problem beating any team? you only just scraped a win at home against turkey!

how the hell do you consider yourself as good as england,spain,portugal,brazil.italy,france,netherlands,argentina etc etc these teams all have world class players in there squads…your best players played a bit part for midtable english teams and you dont have a world class player in your entire squad!

you seriously have no knowledge of football if you reckon the usa can beat anyone youll be lucky to beat slovenia let alone england! i can see you finishing 3rd or maybe even 4th(your on about the same level as algeria) and going out first round.


USA should keep the lline up and formation from the second half of the USA-Turkey Game, with only exception to J. Bornstein. I know he is a good player but at times he can mess up things pretty bad because of his over committments which can cost huge. Also, we need a little more attention to the defense. Other than that, I have a very positive feeling about that line up, and believe it shouldn’t be a problem defeating ANY team (yes, including my English nephews) in the World Cup.

Ah yes. Nothing like a good rivalry between allies. I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally, I kind of like being such a huge underdog in a major event like the World Cup. After having to sit through Olympic Games watching the “Dream Team” play basketball in the Summer Olympics, It’s kind of nice to be such a big underdog on the World Stage. It would make a victory over England all the more sweeter.  : )



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