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Magic vs. Hornets


Although the All Star game in Phoenix wasnít as competitive as expected there were some great highlights throughout the whole weekend of NBA events.

Unfortunately for Dwight Howard his NBA Slam Dunk title will be for one year as his title defense was upset by little Nate Robinson after he jumped over the seven footer and dunk it in Kryptonite New York Knicks gear.

This yearís dunk contest was definitely one of the more theatrical as Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard put on a show as little Lex Luthor and Superman, but it was as entertaining as it gets.

Now that all the theatrics is over with it is back to business as usual for Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.

The first team in their way will be Chris Paulís New Orleans Hornets and has the Hornets favored by -1

Last season the Hornets were arguably one of the best teams in the league lead by Paulís amazing ability to make his entire team better with his passing skill, scoring flair and lockdown defense. Steve Nash and Jason Kidd have gone back and forth over the years as the two top names as the best point guards in the league, but after Chris Paulís MVP like season last year I think the debate is finally over and the torch has been past down.

Not only is Paul amazing to watch on the offensive end of the floor, but his defense at the point guard position is unmatched. Yeah Tony Parker and Jason Kidd can play defense as good as anyone in the league in the backcourt, but Chris Paul is not just anyone.

Both the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets will come into this match with an agenda. Some say that this season has been somewhat of a disappointment for Chris Paul and company, even though Paul is playing almost identical to last seasonís form.

The problem isnít Chris Paul in New Orleans; it is the supporting cast of the Hornets. With an upgrade of James Posey the Hornets thought they could be the team to beat in the West, but with lack luster performances from sharp shooter Peja Stojakovic and other role players they just havenít been the same as last seasonís surprising title contenders.

The Orlando Magic on the other hand have had a breakout season as they are firing on all cylinders with improved performances from all the teamís starters this season, especially center Dwight Howard.

Not only is Dwight Howard just dominating in the Magicís new offense under Stan Van Gundy, but the rest of the Magic are also benefiting from Howardís success in Orlando.

With shooters like Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu surrounding Howard and Jameer Nelson turning into an elite point guard the Magic have finally become title contenders in the East once again.

The Hornets might put up a good fight against Dwight Howard and company, but the Magic will be just too much for them to handle.



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