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Week 6 NFL Picks Against the Spread

For the record, we hate this weeks NFL card. Nothing we'd really consider playing in the real world. Last week we mentioned using the Patriots in a teaser for those of you who like to play teasers. We'd make that recommendation once again this week as we think Romo vs. Brady is a no contest. As far as who to use in the other leg, hmmmm.....maybe the Ravens?

Good Luck this week!


Rams at Packers - Let's see. How can we put this. The Rams suck! Just the same, it's a general rule of thumb of ours never to lay double digits in the NFL. We wouldn't be surprised if the Packers won by 4 or 5 touchdowns. But, this is the NFL and on any given day.......sometimes you have to go against the obvious. We'll go against the grain. Rams +14.5


Jaguars at Steelers - Steelers bounced back nicely last week and this week they get a team who's year to date numbers are even worse than theirs. Just the same, we're not ready to hop on the bandwagon after just one game. The Jags defensive numbers aren't terrible, at times, and the Steelers having trouble putting points on the board prior to last week. Too big of a number to trust with the Steelers. Pit -11 in turnover margin.  Jags +12


Eagles at Redskins - The Eagles are favored here based on their past reputation alone. They aren't the better team here, at this point, this year. The Skins edge comes defensively where they are 6th against the run, 9th against the pass and have a yards per point number on defense of almost 19 which puts them near the top of that stat category in the NFL. Philly -10 in turnover margin. Redskins +1.5


49ers at Lions - We missed the opener here of +6. The line has since moved to +4 and we agree with the move. As this love affair with the upstart Lions unfolds, it will present some added value to go against them in spots. One such spot was +6 with the 49ers here and sharp players gobbled those numbers up which were only available at a book or two. Niners have proved they can handle a shoot out type game or a defensive battle. The Lions are good, but worse teams have come within 4 of them this year. 49ers +4


Panthers at Falcons - The verdict is in. The Falcons are nowhere near the team they were a year ago. Panthers have been in every game. We're not interested in either side here so we'll go under the total. ATL/CAR Under 50.5


Colts at Bengals - Colts have no running game and can't stop the run. Tough to win ball games with that combination. Not all the comfortable asking the Bengals to win by a wide margin but they got by the Browns and Jags by 10 and Colts no better. Bengals -7


Bills at Giants - Bills likely the better team. Giants desperate off Seattle loss but desperate teams don't always win. The yards per point line says the wrong team is favored by a field goal. Bills +3


Texans at Ravens - Ravens appear to be the class of the AFC and perhaps the NFL. But, the Texans have a solid club and look like they can make some noise this year. How much noise they can make, depends on their performance in big spots like this. Ravens may be too good. Ravens -7.5


Browns at Raiders - Raiders giving up as many as they get (27) but the Browns have no running game and can't stop the run. Should be a big day for Mr. Mcfadden. Raiders -6.5


Cowboys at Patriots - Cowboys defense actually pretty good in terms of yardage as they rank #1 against the run and 14th against the pass. But Pats have put up 30+ in every game this year and we don't see Romo going head to head with Brady without making a couple of big mistakes, be it picks or fumbles. Plenty of room for a Patriot cover here with price less than  TD. Pats -6.5


Saints at Bucs - have to side with the Saints offense here as it's the only clear cut edge either team has here. Saints -4.5


Vikings at Bears - Really not interested here.

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