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Sunday. September 23rd

Colts at Texans - How bout these Texans? In off scoring a franchise high 34 points and now taking on the Super Bowl champs at home. What better way to make a statement than to beat the champs? Just as the Titans gave the Colts trouble last year, the Texans did as well, winning at home 27-24. This looks like anything but a mismatch. Gotta take the points with the live home dog here. Texans +6.5


Chargers at Packers - Yeah the Pack and Favre looked like they went back in time last week against the Giants but let's not get carried away. This is still an 8-8 team. 9-7 tops. The Chargers in off an embarrassing loss to the Pats but we still believe in them. They will the better team on Sunday and a win should get the cover here. Gotta lay it. Chargers -5


Vikings at Chiefs - Can't lay points with a Chiefs team averaging 7 points per game! Need we say more? Vikings +3






Lions at Eagles - We stated prior to the year that we felt Philly was done. How's that prediction looking? Now Mcnabb goes on HBO's Real Sports and plays the race card. Watch and see how this affects the team. By the time this season is over, Mcnabb is going to have to reach into his deck of cards and attempt to come up with another excuse because he just ain't gettin it done. Lions Kitna meanwhile predicted 10 wins for the Lions. He's got 2. Here comes number 3. Lions straight up! Lions +6


Bills at Patriots - Pats have pounded Bills lately but dating back to last year Bills have been a tough team to put away. Yes, bad showing last week against the Steelers but simply put, 16.5 is too many points to be laying in an NFL game regardless of the teams involved. We're taking the number. Bills +16.5


Dolphins at Jets - Neither team a "go with" squad right now so prefer to take the field goal here with the dog. Dolphins +3


49ers at Steelers - We're still not sold on the Steelers. 49ers defense is an improved unit while the Steelers have two wins against questionable defensive units. 49ers are 8-3 against the spread as a road dog last 11 while the 49ers are 12-21 against the spread as favs vs the NFC. Steelers come back down to earth this week and don't cover this big number. 49ers +9


Cardinals at Ravens - If Jets QB Clemens can figure out this Ravens defense than we're confident Matt Leinart will at least be able to equal that effort. The age is starting to show on this Ravens team. Plenty of room for a cover here by the Cards. Cardinals +8


Rams at Bucs - What happened to the greatest show on turf? 13 points in week one and 16 points in week 2! But can't be impressed with the Bucs win over the Saints either. So, only way to go here is with the points. Rams +4


Jaguars at Broncos - Broncos are the luckiest 2-0 team ever. Could easily be 0-2 off of last 2nd win over Bills and then calling time out just before Raiders FG last week that took the 3 points off the board. Broncos on a 1-9 ats run. We're looking to take any points available here. Jaguars +3.5


Bengals at Seahawks - Both teams looking to bounce back from losses last week. You can't win with offense alone, in the NFL. But you can cover! An offense like the Bengals is always a live dog, especially against an opponent that isn't exactly lighting up the board, scoring 20 points both times out this year. We'll take the points here. Bengals +3.5


Browns at Raiders - How bout these Browns. 7 points in week one. 51 points in week 2. At least the Raiders have been consistent, scoring 20 and 21. Not really interested in getting involved here. Two bad, unpredictable teams. There's better games on the board to invest in. Force us to make a play, we'll take the Raiders at home. They gotta win (and cover) sometime! Raiders -3


Panthers at Falcons - Ho hum. The NFL product is so watered down these days, does anyone outside of Carolina and Atlanta care about this game? Does anyone INSIDE Atlanta and Carolina care about this game? Atlanta is going nowhere, fast. Scored 3 their first time out, and 7 last week. Can't win games like that. Panthers -3.5


Giants at Redskins - Giants look terrible on the defensive side of the ball. Not so sure they can improve that much in a week. Have to feel Gibbs and the Skins will control this game from start to finish and dictate the pace. Redskins -3.5


Cowboys at Bears - Offense vs defense here. Same old problem for the Bears. Rex Grossman and the offense. The Cowboys lead the NFL in scoring and really, shouldn't have to put many points on the board here to get this one. Hey, the Chargers only needed 14 to do it against the Bears. We love this Bears defense. But we hate their offense and aren't willing to lay any points with them. Cowboys +3





Monday Sept 24th

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