How To Bet Baseball

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With Baseball season here, we thought we’d put together a page with some of Our better baseball articles. These articles will be for everyone from the beginner looking to learn how to bet baseball, to the experienced pro looking to gain further knowledge to help sharpen his Game. Below we will list each article with a brief explanation as to what the article is about. They are all worth a read. Baseball is probably the least popular of the major betting sports. However, it’s also probably the sport which can yield the highest profits to those handicappers willing to put in the required effort. Enjoy the articles and good luck in your baseball betting endeavors!


Baseball Scalping – Sports Arbitrage – This article explains the art of baseball scalping. Arbitrage. It also explains how you can manipulate the betting line in your favor and actually get a better price on the Games you bet than is offered by any sportsbook. While the article was written at a time when this was easier to accomplish, these opportunities still exist daily, especially with baseball totals.


Baseball Betting 101 – This article was written for us by Docs Sports a few years ago and covers the basics of how to bet on baseball. Excellent for the beginner.


Betting on Pitchers – This is another one from Docs and discusses the finer points of handicapping baseball pitchers. When handicapping baseball, pitching accounts for 70% of the equation. So this article is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to bet and handicap baseball properly.


Baseball Handicapping – Umpires Pitchers – Over the years Our posting forums have seen some of the sharpest bettors and bookmakers offer their expertise on various subjects. These are not your average run of the mill posting forum posters. These are some of the sharpest bettors and bookmakers on the planet. You WILL learn something from these posts/articles.


Reverse Middle Scalps – Putting the house edge in your favor – This topic was also covered in Our forums and presents an advanced method and a few baseball betting secrets if you read between the lines.


Baseball Dime Line – Don’t let the title fool you. Back in the year 2000, many sportsbooks threatened to use a 20 cent line instead of the 10 cent line, or, dime line, they had all been using. Well, many of the sharp bettors and bookmakers alike, weighed in on the subject and it turned into an educational thread.


Baseball Total Betting – This thread probably contains the most educated information on the entire internet pertaining to how to bet baseball totals.

There are plenty of other articles on Bettorsworld covering baseball topics from the “simple how to bet” theme to the hardcore baseball articles. You can use the search feature in the forums, or you can search the entire site You sure to find what you’re looking for concerning baseball, or any other sport.