How To Bet Parlays


Parlays Explained

A parlay is one of the easiest bets to understand. It simply means to pick two or more teams in one bet. All of your selections must win, or push, or you lose your wager. If you pick three teams in your parlay and you go 2-1, you lose.

In the case of a tie, your wager reverts to the next lowest payout. For example, if you bet a 3 team parlay and two teams win and one is a push, your payout would be for a 2 team parlay winner. If you played a two team parlay and one team won and the other pushed, it would be paid out as a straight bet.

While the parlay is easy to understand, what many players don’t get is that it pays to shop around for the best parlay payouts. Not all sportsbooks are created equal. That’s one of the reasons we have 5 Dimes sportsbook rated #1 here on Bettorsworld. Their prices are always the best and that includes their parlay payouts.

Listed below are the payouts for parlays at 5 dimes. These examples are using standard -110 juice. We’ll list the payout based on a $100 wager and we’ll list 2 teams thru 10 teams. But note that 5 dimes allows you to parlay up to 25 teams!!

As you can see from these payouts, the attraction of parlays is the opportunity to make a big Scorefrom a small investment.

Payouts are for a $100 wager

2 Team Parlay – $264

3 Team Parlay – $600

4 Team Parlay – $1228

5 Team Parlay – $2436

6 Team Parlay – $4741

7 Team Parlay – $9142

8 Team Parlay – $17545

9 Team Parlay – $33585

10 Team Parlay – $64208