Straight Bets Sides and Totals Explained


Straight Bets Explained

The team wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time of the wager. For straight wagers, unless otherwise indicated, the odds are $1.10 to win $1.00. Games that tie are considered “no action” and money is re-deposited back into your account. Due to changing events, the point spread may fluctuate at any time.

Example: Player wagers $110.00 on Miami -7 to beat Buffalo +7

If Miami wins by more than 7 points the player wins $100.00 so the total payout including the intial wager would be $210.00. If Miami only wins by 7 points then the Game is considered “no action” and all money is returned to the bettor. If the Miami wins by less than 7 points the wagers is lost.

Totals The combined Scoreof both teams for Games wagered on, all totals lay $1.10 to win $1.00 unless it is otherwise indicated.

Example: The player lays $220.00 on the OVER in the Miami/Buffalo Game. The total for the Game is 45. If both teams’ combined Scoreis more than 45 than the player would win $200.00. If the combined Scoreis equal 45 the Game is considered “no action” and the money is returned. If the combined Scoreis less than 45 then the wager is lost.

A Game has Four (4) straight wagering situations. You can wager on the ‘side’ of the Game or the ‘total’ of the Game. When wagering on a ‘side’, you can choose to wager on (a) the favorite team (the team most likely to win the Game, or has the odds in its favor) or you can choose (b) the underdog (the team most likely to lose the Game, or has the odds against it). A ‘total’ (or over/under) is the combined amount of points both teams will Scorein a Game. When wagering on a ‘total’ (or over/under), you can choose to wager on (c) ‘over’ or (d) ‘under’ the total points scored.

***Note – the prices in the examples above are standard odds of 11/10 or 110 to win 100. At 5 dimes sportsbook, you can get reduced juice and lay less than standard prices, such as 105 to win 100.