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Tips on Using a Sports Handicapping Service

Should You Use a Sports Handicapping Service?.

Using Pinnacle Sportsbooks Sharp Lines and Odds To Profit

using pinnacles sharp lines and odds to profit and make money.
yards per play handicapping

Using Yards Per Play To Handicap the NFL – Make Your Own Line

NFL favorites are covering the spread early in the 2006-2007 season.

Tips for Betting NFL Teasers

betting NFL football teasers.

Betting Overnight Lines to Gain an Edge

betting overnight lines to gain an edge on football wagers explained.

How Sharp Bettors Profit with NFL Teasers

betting NFL football teasers.

How Sharp Bettors use Parlays to Profit

how to profit parlays and correlated parlays.

How Sportsbooks Determine who the Sharps are

A sharp or professional player is one we expect will win in the long-term.

Tips for Betting on Tennis Including Wimbledon

Tennis betting including wimbledon and grand slam.