Hall Of Fame Game

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Hall of Fame Game

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Dallas Cowboys


Canton Ohio – Football junkies unite! You’ll get your first taste of the gridiron for this year when The Dallas Cowboys take on the Cincinnati Bengals in the annual Hall of Fame which takes place August 8th in Canton Ohio. Had this Game taken place a year ago, for real, the Cowboys would have been anywhere from a 7 to a 10 point favorite. Currently, the Bengals are favored in this Game with a line of -2 and a total of 32.5.

Here are the results of the last 5 Hall of Fame Games:

2005 Bears 27 Dolphins 24 – Bears were -3 with a total of 34.5

2006 Raiders 16 Eagles 10 – Raiders were +2.5 with a total of 35.5

2007 Steelers 20 Saints 7 – Steelers were -3 with a total of 33

2008 Redskins 30 Colts 16 – Redskins were -4.5 with a total of 31.5

2009 Titans 21 Bills 18 – Titans were -3 with a total of 32

Note that the team that was favored has won 4 of the last 5 Game straight up. Also note that the team that was expected to be better during the regular season, wasn’t always favored in this Game, ie. the Redskins over the Colts. That goes for pre season football betting as a whole. It mostly comes down to each individual coaches prefereNCe. Some coaches put emphasis on winning pre season Games, or at least, certain pre season Games, while others go through the motions, not wanting to show much and using the time to get a look at certain players.

In this Game we have Marvin Lewis and Wade Phillips. Wade Phillips has had a reputation as a go with coach during the preseason. Overall he has a record of 14-10 but  closer look shows us that Phillips makes the effort to win in Games 3 and 4 of pre season where he has a record of 9-3. During weeks 1 and 2 he’s 6-7.

Marvin Lewis is .500 overall at 14-14. In week one of the preseason he is 2-5. Interestingly enough, Lewis also makes an effort in the final Game of preseason where he is 6-1 straight up.

If there’s an edge at all as far as coaching in week 1 of the pre season, it would be a slight lean with Wade Phillips and the Cowboys. But really nothing coNCrete here. This Game figures to be your basic preseason coin flip, although you may want to give the Bengals a slight home field advantage for the Game being in Ohio, even though Canton is Browns country.

We won’t have a Key Release on this Game. For those interested, you can expect a few recommendations from us over the course of the preseason, particularly during weeks 3 and 4 which is where we find the best value. We play the preseason for just 1/4 of a unit but you’ll still want to check in with us each Game day as we always plan on picking up a unit or two during the pre season with Our free NFL picks.

We’ll also make it a point to point out all of the significant coaching trends over the course of the preseason as it’s an extremely important handicapping factor in preseason NFL. So pull up a chair, and stick around for the next 7 months. It’s football season, and that’s what we do best here at Bettorsworld. You’ll find thorough write ups and analysis week in and week out for both the NFL and College Football. Welcome back everyone! We’re ready to go for 2010-2011. Are you?

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