Week One Preseason

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Week One NFL Pre Season Picks

August 12 – 16

We rarely play the first couple of weeks of NFL pre season. When we do play a pre season Game, even in weeks 3 and 4, we generally play for just 1/4 unit, unless there are special circumstaNCes that warrant a larger play. That being said, we’ll take a look at some of the week 1 NFL pre season Games and focus mostly on the coaching matchups to see if we can find anything worth taking a closer look at.

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Now let’s take a look at a few week one NFL preseason Games.

Panthers at Ravens – 8/12 – again, we are primarily looking at the coaching matchups here. It’s important to pay attention to team websites, newspapers, etc. Do Google news searches to try and get a feel for what coaches are going to do in each Game. They often make their intentions known before Game time. In this Game we have a prove pre season winner in John Fox. He’s 18-14 overall, but more importantly he has 3 separate years in the last 7 where he went 4-0. You don’t go 4-0 in preseason 3 times by ACCident. The problem here is, he was 0-4 last year. A change of approach? Perhaps. One other problem here is that John Harbaugh was 4-0 last season. Fox is 6-2 in week 1 and Harbaugh is 2-0. We’d lean towards the Panthers and Fox here getting +3.

Bills at Redskins – 8/13 – Here is an interesting Game from a coaching standpoint. The Bills have a new coach in Chan GAiley, who’s previous NFL coaching experieNCe is 2 years with the Cowboys in 1998 and 1999. The Redskins now have Mike Shanahan at the helm, a proven winner both during the regular season and the pre season. Shanahan is one of the winningest coaches in NFL pre season history. In fact, he has a winning record in each week of the pre season, iNCluding a 10-5 record in week 1 (since 1997). Safe to say, Shanhan likes to win, period. Of course, he has a new team, and new personnel to look over, but we’d give the edge here to the Redskins and Shanahan at home as they look to show the Washington fans that things will be different from here forward. Redskins -3 -120

Jaguars at Eagles – 8/13 – Great matchup here. The Jags Jack Del Rio likes to win pre season Games. Any Reid could care less. De Rio is 18-10 in pre season and has five 3-1 campaigns to his credit over the last 7 years. He stumbles last year going 1-3, so we’d look for him to bouNCe back here. Getting the Jaguars +3 makes this play attractive.

Bucs at Dolphins – 8/14 -Tony Sparano is another perfect example of a coach that likes to win preseason Games. He’s 7-1 folks. That just doesn’t happen by ACCident. Raheem Morris for the Bucs is 1-3 in his only NFL pre season, and figures to be dealing with more headaches than Sparano. We’d look at the Dolphins -3 -120 here.

Lions at Steelers – 8/14 Mike Tomlin is 10-3 in the pre season which includes going 3-1 in week 1. He goes up against an inexperieNCed coach with much less talent on the field. At -3 +105, and playing at home, there’s only one way to look in this one, and that’s the Steelers way.

Texans at Cardinals – 8/14 – Mike Whisenhut is a great example of a coach that likes to use the preseason to get a good look at his players. No effort is made to win, it would seem. He is 2-10 in the pre season iNCluding 0-3 in week 1. Meanwhile, GAry Kubiak is 3-1 in week 1 of the pre season. The Cards are a small 1 point fav here. We’d favor the Texans.

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