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Annual Turkey Day Teaser

Thanksgiving 2010


The wagering world has been on the edge of their seats this week, waiting for the release of the annual world famous, Bettorsworld Turkey Day Teaser! We won’t keep you waiting any longer. We’ve checked Our sOurces, called Our scouts, unturned every rock, crossed every t and dotted every i. Drum roll please………

Seriously folks, we’ve done this every year for the past 15 years or so here on the site. It’s all in fun. To many in this country, iNCluding us, having a wager on some Turkey day football is as traditional as the Turkey with all the trimmings. Doesn’t really matter who’s playing or how good the Game figures to be. Heck, the NFL has even added to Our excitement by adding a 3rd Game. A nightcap, which this year features the Bengals vs. the Jets.

We’re also going to throw a 5th Game into the mix this year, which will be played on Friday. But first, we need to make it through Thanksgiving Day. So here goes.


The following is a 14 point teaser which is available at 5 Dimes at as price of 120 to win 100.

Patriots +7 – This is the pivotal Game of the day. Lose this one and the entire teaser goes up in flames before the bird is even on the table. What fun is that? We considered the Lions +21. The Lions haven’t lost a Game by more than 21 points all year and the Patriots have won just oNCe by more than that margin. What makes that play a bit shaky even at +21 is Matthew Stafford being out. This is Tom Brady vs. Shaun Hill! Besides, it’s a common misperception that the Lions play well on Thanksgiving. They have lost the last 6 Turkey day Games by an average 23 points.


Cowboys +17.5 – if we made it through the first Game, we’re sitting pretty. At least by this point, the bird is gone, and the coffee and pie is on the table. Now we can kick back on the couch, and in between snoozes, we can take a peak at the TV to make sure the Cowboys are hanging in this one. Hey, why not, the Saints aren’t exactly lighting it up and we know the Cowboys have some talent. They might be tempting at the standard line here, +4 or so. So we’ll take a stab at Dallas plus the big number and hope they can keep playing  for pride by winning their 3rd straight.


Jets +4 – We were tempted to take the boatload of points with the Bengals but decided against it. Maybe they really are that bad. Man, these two are in a much different place than less than a year ago when they met in the Playoffs. The Jets have been lucky, for sure, the last couple of weeks. But they are the better team. Let’s hope the luck continues.


Texas +17.5 – We like Texas AM in this Game -3 or less but it figures to be a good Game. Something is wrong with the Longhorns this year, but we can’t imagine them not showing up and making a Game of this one. Too many points to pass up in a Game where a straight up Texas win could very well happen.


Boise State pk – Ok, if we made it this far, we’re home free. Several options here. We can hedge and go for a nice middle taking Nevada +14 or more. Or, we can just let it ride and sit back as Boise State destroys Nevada to remain unbeaten on the year. All that’s left now is to count all the money we made on this Turkey Day Teaser!


Keep in mind. This is just for fun. We play these for small potatoes, just to keep up with the tradition of having some Turkey Day action.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of Our visitors, new and old!