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So here we go again. Another week of eliminations on American Idol. Bettorsworld is batting a thousand with Our predictions so far on who will be voted off Idol? This week, it’s the top 20, and then Male contestants have already performed. So let’s get right to it. Who will be Voted off Idol this week?

We’ll really get to test the accuracy of Dial Idol this week. The Dial Idol results are much different this week, than many of the smaller poll and opinion sites we use to formulate Our predictions. Interestingly enough, we also personally disagree with the Dial Idol results this week. So this will be a very interesting results week.

All of the smaller polls agree with the following 4 male contestants being the least popular.

Robbie Carrico

Jason Yeager

Chikezie Eze

Luke Menard

However, Dial Idol has the following as their bottom 4.

Jason Castro


Danny Noriega

Luke Menard

Dial Idol actually has Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico as number 2 and number 3 this week! But then Dial Idol is really copping out these days with the way they display their results. They claim a margin of error which pretty much allows them to claim they are right no matter what happens. They only go out on a limb for one contestant being safe, and that’s David Archuleta. Big deal!

American Idol and itunes goofed last week. As American Idol announced, you can download the performances on itunes. Well, guess what. You were able to go to itunes and see who the most popular downloads were. When we did that, we see guys like Jason Castro at the very top, along with the other frontrunners David Cook, Michael Johns, and Archuleta.

At the bottom of the itunes method were, Chikeze, Luke Menard and Jason Yeager. Naturally, this loophole will be fixed if it isn’t already. But it gave us another glimpse into each contestants popularity.

So, we feel pretty good about the bottom 4 contestants being Carrico, Chikeze, Yeager and Menard. As far as narrowing it down to the two male contestants to be voted off Idol this week, we’ll have to go with Our own opinion from watching the performances.

Our LOCK of the week to be voted off, is Jason Yeager. He just doesn’t cut it, we think so, and all the lesser known polls think so. Picking number two to be voted off is a little more difficult. Chikeze remains at the bottom of all the polls, including Dial Idol. However, we think he actually did a decent job this week and that might save him. He’s tough to like though. We’ll go out on a small limb, and predict Robbie Carrico to be voted off. He’s basically been called a pretender two weeks in a row by the judges. A wanna be rocker. We agree. The dude was in a “boy band” and tOured with Britney Spears. Now he is trying to pass himself off as a hardcore rocker. It’s not working. So there you have it. Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico are toast this week.

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