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UFL Betting Odds

Will There Be Any Interest in Betting on the United Football League?


Need even MORE football Games to bet on in the fall? Well, you got em. The United Football League kicks off it’s inaugural season in October and where there’s football you can be sure there will be odds posted on their Games. It looks like the UFL will start with just 4 teams and then will add a couple more the following year. Currently there will be teams in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando and San Francisco. Next year, Hartford and Los Angeles will join the league.

The UFL has already attracted some big name coaches. Jim Haslett will coach Orlando. Jim Fassel will coach Vegas. Ted Cottrell will coach New York and Dennis “there as good as we thought they were” Green will coach San Francisco. Some familiar names on the field as well, such as QB’s JP Losman in Vegas and Tim Rattay in San Fran.

The two questions I have right now are, will anyone be interested in watching the United Football League, and will anyone be interested in betting on the UFL? I have a feeling that, at least initially, the answer to both of those questions is NO. As for the first question, will anyone be interested in general, it seems as though there is simply too much “real football” being played in October and November for anyone to care. You have college football in full swing and the NFL as well. As it is, the public is flooded with football just about every day of the week these days during the regular season. We have weeknight Games in college, Monday and Thursday Night Games in the NFL and of course Saturday and Sunday Games. Enough is enough. The UFL will play it’s Games on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Will there be any betting interest on UFL Games? Well, where there is odds there is interest, however, so many football fans won’t even realize there is a new league! Some sharps might be interested but you can be sure the betting limits will be very low on these Games, which tends to push the sharps away. So expect the betting volume to be very low on these Games. Heck, even back in the days of the old USFL the betting on those Games never really took off. I know personally, I’ll be too busy handicapping college football and the NFL to pay much attention to the UFL.

It’s been said that the UFL was created with it’s sites set on the 2011 season when the NFL and the players union contract ends. If the NFL were to go on strike, NFL players would have a place to play and the UFL would have hit the mother load with all fans interested in watching professional tuning in to watch their league. We shall see. In the meantime, if you don’t like the college football offerings on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays you can always tune in to the UFL for your fix. I imagine I’ll watch a Game or two out of curiosity myself. But I doubt seriously this league will be around past next season. After all, all leagues that have come before this one, and tried to compete with the NFL, failed, with the exception of the old AFL which ended up merging with the NFL. Stay tuned…….


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