Kimbo Slice Fights in UFC 113

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Kimbo Slice Fights in UFC 113



Kimbo Slice took the world by storm a couple of years ago and helped put Ultimate Fighting on the map for the masses. His street fighting approach is what attracted fans from all over the world. He was quickly exposed once he stepped into the ring with “real fighters” but Kimbo won’t go away. He steps into the ring this weekend for UFC 113. Love him or hate him, Kimbo Slice is still good for business UFC fans. His name still attracts viewers which will continue to bring in revenue to help your sport continue to grow.

Fans will be hoping for a freak show when Kimbo Slice and Matt Mitrione step into the octagon. Prepare to be disappointed as this will be a boring fight. Kimbo is no longer using the street fighting tactics which earned him millions of fans through his YouTube videos. Instead Kimbo has developed a more cautious style since signing with UFC and I expect him to, bizarre as it may sound, try to out-think his opponent on Saturday. Mitrione is just plain awful and while he was on Kimbo’s level when they met in The Ultimate Fighter series there’s little chance of him winning this one.

UFC has lined up yet another loaded pay-per-view with the rematch of Lyoto MAChida and Mauricio Rua topping the card this Saturday. MAChida retained the Light Heavyweight title at UFC 104 with a controversial decision victory over Shogun and the Brazilian duo promise another explosive bout in Montreal. While Rua came close to pulling off an upset last time out I don’t expect the underdog to go one better this time out. Lyoto MAChida has only been in trouble a couple of times in his career and every time he has not only pulled through but the Champion has also raised his Game next time out. I expect an epic battle in Montreal but back Lyoto MAChida to win with Sports Interaction.

Josh Kosheck has bettors in fits over what to think about him. He faces Paul Daley in an eliminator for a shot at the UFC Welterweight title. Kosheck is a fighter with a tremendous punch but one who forgets he is also a good wrestler. against a one-dimensional striker like Daley this should be an easy call, a smart Kosheck would use his mat skills to finish the Englishman quickly but UFC bettors know Kosheck is rarely that smart. You can stop holding your breath; Kosheck is going to raise his Game physically and mentally with a title shot on the line and will do more than enough to win this one. Back Koscheck to win big.

On paper Sam Stout and Jeremy Stephens should provide an explosive and tight battle. That’s only half true. While possessing different styles, both Stout and Stephens are proven strikers. Stephens is more entertaining with his direct attacking style but in truth this makes him the weaker fighter. against smarter opponents Stephens has always come up short and this will be no exception. Stout will make Stephens punch clear air before finishing this one with a KO.